Iran: Won't You Be My Neighbor?

Enjoy Rick's live Monday Night Travel party with this video recorded on May 24, 2021. Experience the fun, conviviality, intimacy, and spontaneity of joining Rick in his living room as he shares his personal, inspirational, and sometimes hilarious behind-the-scenes commentary.

Rick brings you along on an eye-opening trip through Iran — getting to know its rich cultural heritage and its welcoming, fascinating, often misunderstood people. In the bustling capital city of Tehran, we'll consider both Iran's challenging history with the US and the reality of being a woman in a strict Muslim theocracy. We'll travel to Esfahan, one of the finest cities in Islam, with dazzling mosques and people-friendly squares. And in the sophisticated city of Shiraz, we'll learn about Iran's poetry and have dinner with a local family. The hope: To better understand a people that many Americans are inclined to distrust.

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