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London with Jeanie Carmichael

Enjoy Rick's live Monday Night Travel party with this video recorded on April 4, 2022. Experience the fun, conviviality, intimacy, and spontaneity of joining Rick in his living room as he shares his personal, inspirational, and sometimes hilarious behind-the-scenes commentary.

London is the L.A., D.C., and N.Y.C. of Britain — and British guide extraordinaire Jeanie Carmichael gives us the grand tour. Together, we rummage through our civilization's attic at the British Museum, banter with Beefeaters at the Tower of London, stroll the trendy South Bank of the Thames, and climb the dome of St. Paul's Cathedral for a commanding view of the city. And no British tour is complete without a spot of tea and a crumbly scone, so get the kettle going and join us in this many-faceted capital!

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