Europe’s Best Markets

Enjoy Rick's live Monday Night Travel party with this video recorded on April 19, 2021. Experience the fun, conviviality, intimacy, and spontaneity of joining Rick in his living room as he shares his personal, inspirational, and sometimes hilarious behind-the-scenes commentary.

One of the great joys of European travel is the markets. Each market — filled with the song of merchants' sales pitches and happy locals stocking up on seasonal treats and checking in with their neighbors — is a celebration of a unique culture, cuisine, and heritage. At tonight's Monday Night Travel, Rick nibbles his way through his favorite markets, enjoying boiled cow parts in Palermo, gourmet chocolates on Paris' Rue Cler, foie gras in Sarlat, and sardines in Porto before dropping in on an aristocratic pig farm in Tuscany for the ultimate slice of prosciutto.

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