Siena with Anna Piperato

Enjoy our live Monday Night Travel party with this video recorded on January 31, 2022.

Join Rick and the delightful Siena guide Anna Piperato for a fun and surprising virtual visit to Siena. Siena is a medieval wonder in so many ways, with its heraldry, hearty cuisine, historic sweet tooth, enchanting passeggiata, and wild horse race, the Palio. With Rick and Anna leading the way, we root for a horse from Anna's contrada (neighborhood), learn to communicate with just a finger, pick up a few tips for fully enjoying Italian coffee culture, and suss out what makes the Sienese so exasperating to the Florentines. And to make sure the party is complete, Rick and Anna virtually share delightful plates of bruschetta, a nice Aperol spritz, and some of the beloved Sienese fruitcake, panforte.

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