Meet Our France Guides

With a lovely language that is often a barrier to real understanding, France may be one of the places in Europe where you can get a lot more travel enrichment from having a great guide. Let's get better acquainted with a few of Rick's amazing France guides.


Chris Coleman

Native Minnesotan Chris has been a big part of Rick's tours through France since 1998. She's worked both behind the scenes in the tour operations department and as a lead guide for our… Read more


Arnaud Servignat

Arnaud is a Parisian with a passion for sharing his city — and all of France — with American visitors. He's been featured as a local expert in Rick's TV shows, and also in our Tour Experience video… Read more

Tour guide Linda Benoit- Bealing

Linda Benoit Bealing

Born and raised in the French region of Normandy, Linda has shared her passion for her homeland with travelers for decades. After spending many years as a tour guide in the canals and vineyards… Read more

Patrick Vidal

Patrick Vidal

Patrick is the perfect antidote to the "aloof Frenchman" stereotype. He's got more energy than that famous battery bunny, smiles effortlessly, and has an insatiable curiosity about the world… Read more

Guide Virginie More

Virginie Moré

Virginie is a bundle of positive energy with a winning smile and a deep understanding of French history and French attitudes (she is, after all, French). Virginie also "gets" Americans well… Read more