Rave Reviews: Tour Guides

Rick is adamant about hiring guides he personally knows and trusts, and who share his love for Europe and passion for teaching. It's the biggest reason why more than one-third of our tour members are repeat customers. Here are some "raves" about just a few of the fine guides who lead our tours.


Amanda Buttinger

“Amanda was wonderful. She seemed to be having as much fun as we were! She often gave us the ‘story behind the story’ at the various sites we visited. Her account of the Spanish Civil War, and its lasting effects on Spain, was objective and fascinating.”

— Bruce in Mesilla Park, NM 


Taylan Tasbasi

“Taylan was passionately committed to providing a rich experience, phenomenally knowledgeable, and made every day fun and interesting. He is thoughtful, thorough, kind, smart, professional, funny — and clearly enjoys his role as a guide.”

— Susan in Bellingham, WA

Sarah Murdoch

“Sarah was incredible! Everyone loved her. She knows so many people and was very adept at arranging meals that were very unique and fun. I celebrated my birthday while on the trip and she worked her magic and gave me a birthday I will NEVER forget.”

— Janet in Temple, TX


Declan Field

“I loved Declan’s passion for Ireland and its history — and his singing, poetry, sense of humor and storytelling, using all his different accents! His personal contacts enriched our experience. He added so much that it’s hard to imagine what it would have been like without him.”

— Jerry in Arlington, TX


Åsa Danielsson

“Energetic and talented (she can dance and sing) Åsa taught us so much about the history and cultures of the places we visited. She read to us from local authors giving us more insight into the countries. Just a wonderful tour guide!”

— Janet in Hudson, WI


Tommaso Pantè

“Tommaso was amazing. He was so full of passion for Sicily that it was infectious! I loved hearing all his personal stories and how well he explained the culture and traditions of Sicily. He was a wealth of information, and so eager to share his love of the island!”

— Katrina in Woodbridge, ON


Virginie More

“Virginie was a fantastic guide. I really appreciated how she made me comfortable going into small cafes and shops on my own by teaching us local manners and expressions that would ease the way. My responses from shopkeepers and cafe servers always included a smile”.

— Sherrie in San Jose, CA


Dimitri Rigas

“I can't say enough about Dimi — he had the patience of a saint, was always upbeat, treated everyone fairly, and shared his vast knowledge of history, politics and travel. He was an absolute joy and went out of his way to make sure everyone had their own best travel adventure.”

— Leslie in Valley Center, CA

Liz Lister

“Liz was an OUTSTANDING guide! She brought Scotland to life with her knowledge and enthusiasm. All the little ‘extra’ things were much appreciated. Liz was always accessible to us and went above and beyond to make sure that everyone had the best experience possible.”

— Wendy in San Diego, CA