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Rave Reviews: Tour Guides

Rick is adamant about hiring guides he personally knows and trusts, and who share his love for Europe and passion for teaching. It's the biggest reason why more than one-third of our tour members are repeat customers. Here are some "raves" about just a few of the fine guides who lead our tours.


"Rainer was truly an incredible guide! He taught us so much about Italian history and culture, and he always found ways to make each city's experience unique and authentic. In short, he made Italy more than a 17-day tour experience; he made it a diverse, beautiful, and endlessly fascinating place to be." — Genevieve in Louisville, KY


"I can't possibly say enough good things about Cary. She made the trip! She knew it was our honeymoon and did a lot of special things to make it memorable for us. It is obvious from the first minute of the tour, Cary is passionate about making the experience perfect for everyone. Give her a huge raise!" — Carl in Columbus, OH


"Susie is a perfect guide. For 14 days straight, she orchestrated a truly unforgettable travel experience, flawlessly. She taught us about Irish history, culture, music, and much more — and it was the best of fun! I couldn't have wished for a better guide or a better experience." — Sharon in Osterville, MA


"Sanel is awesome. His passion for his country showed every day and he bent over backward to help us understand the local issues. Every RS guide I've met (12 now) has a uniquely interesting and varied background that usually makes them especially good at their job and Sanel is no exception." — Ernest in San Jose, CA


"Anastasia is the best guide ever. She is a fabulous story-teller and teacher. She worked hard at teaching us Greek words, giving us background on customs, and explaining politics from the perspective of a Greek citizen. She is extremely friendly and approachable. We felt so fortunate to have her as our guide." — Margaret in Rochester, NY


"Julian was wonderful! His depth of knowledge of history was astonishing and he is an amazing storyteller — he obviously loves the sharing and teaching! Each day, he would weave yet another tale of intrigue or humor or pathos to prepare us for what we were about to see. He made this whole trip so much richer for me." — Lisa in Phoenix, AZ


"We were so thankful to have Fabian as our tour guide! He was so knowledgeable in European history and made the tour a rich experience for all through his brief talks, stories, and humor. In addition, he led in a brilliant manner that helped the tour members bond. He is a gem and excellent in the work that he does!" — Sandy in South Riding, VA