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Hi from Rick: My “Early Release” 2019 Tours Are Here!

About a quarter of the way through my 100-day trip to Europe, I’m crossing the border from France into Spain and I come upon an abandoned border station. Covered in graffiti and smothered in old travel memories — I just have to stop, get out, and reminisce. Peeking into the window, I’m surprised to see an old exchange board that lists pesetas and francs — a time warp from before 2002, when the euro replaced most local currencies in Europe.

I'm so glad borders and walls are out of fashion in Europe. The many proud nations of Europe don't always get along, but they have learned to respect each other quite impressively — and they recognize that an "after you" attitude (rather than "me first") makes it possible for diversity and peace to flourish… Read more

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Rick's "Early Release" 2019 Tours

This year's tours have been selling out at a record pace. But there's no need to put your travel dreams on hold: We're now offering an impressive array of 2019 departures for 19 Rick Steves itineraries — two months early… Read more

Slideshow: The Best of Eastern Europe 2019, Day by Day

For 2019 we've added an extra day in Kraków to our Best of Eastern Europe tour! As a preview, let's take a day-by-day-tripping slideshow, revealing some delightful encounters along the way… Read more

Video of the Month: The Delightful World of Contessa Federico

Rick recently brought his TV crew to the Palazzo Federico, where our Best of Sicily tour groups spend part of their very first day together. Equal parts family home, museum, and concert hall, it's a memorable start… Read more

Guide Interview: Cynthia Ballard

Cynthia Ballard is a tour leader…with a twist. As a My Way® manager, she's a master of transportation and lodging logistics — and she's each tour member's personal, onboard travel advisor. What Cynthia does is… Read more

Tour Forum: Athens & the Heart of Greece Trip Report

Tamara in Florida writes, "I just returned from Rick Steves' Athens and the Heart of Greece tour. I was kind of unsure how to approach a trip report for this trip, as the itinerary is listed on the website for anyone who is…" Read more

Save on Select Summer Tours!

Ready to get away? We're happy to give you a helpful nudge with special discounts on select departures over the next few weeks. Our "sale page" always has some pleasant surprises… Read more