November Tour News

Hi from Rick: Just What Is ‘Shoulder Season’?

In my early travels, "shoulder season" meant going to Europe outside of the school summer holidays. In May and September, while you'd deal with marginal weather, you'd have fewer crowds and save money on your flight.

In the last generation, European tourism has seen two big changes: more peak season crowds spilling into the old "shoulder season," and climate change making the heat of summer more worth avoiding and the "bad weather" of shoulder season less worth avoiding.

All my life, I've considered shoulder season to be May and September. Now I've realized those months, so famous for being "shoulder season," are actually peak season when it comes to crowds. And April and October, previously a bit dark and dreary from a weather point of view, have become more appealing… Read more


The Joys of Spring Touring

For many European destinations, spring is the ideal time to visit, with a verdant mix of smaller crowds, not-too-hot temperatures, and enough sun-filled hours to wring maximum value out of each day… Read more

Slideshow: The Best of Turkey, Day by Day

If you're looking for different travel delights — and a broader world perspective — you'll find it in this crossroads of civilization. Join us for a colorful look at the Best of Turkey in 13 Days… Read more

Raves About Rick's Spring Tours

Take it from our tour members: Each of our spring tours — from the UK to Turkey and everywhere in between — comes filled with unforgettable experiences… Read more

Interview with Spain Guide Amanda Buttinger

After moving to Spain for graduate school, Amanda Buttinger fell in love…with the city of Madrid. More than 20 years later, she still enjoys this vibrant city, where she lives with her husband and… Read more

Video of the Month: The Sanctuary of Olympia

For over a thousand years, the Sanctuary of Olympia was primarily a religious place. It was only open to people during the Olympic games, started here in 776 BC. These games were held to… Read more

Tour Forum: Experiencing European Culture on Tour

Forum member revelssn writes, "For those of you who have done multiple Rick Steves tours, can you give suggestions for tours you have enjoyed that are more of a cultural experience…" Read more

Meet our Climate Smart Commitment Grant Recipients

We're happy to present our 2019 portfolio of Climate Smart Commitment grant recipients. By supporting these organizations with a self-imposed carbon tax totaling $1 million, our goal is to help… Read more

Win Your Next Tour!

Have you traveled on a Rick Steves tour this year? Create a website of your 2019 tour experience and enter it into our online Scrapbook Contest for your chance to win your next tour… Read more

Book Now, Save $100!

Reserve seats on any 2020 Rick Steves tour today, and you'll automatically save $100 per person! Booking early is the best way to lock in your departure date — and save — before tours fill up… Read more