April Tour News

Hi from Rick: 40 Shades of Green

I love spring. For the last four decades, spring has meant that I'm packing my bag for Europe. And in the springtime I'm reminded that rain and a fresh breeze are a blessing. I guess I'm just a happy lizard, thankful that my terrarium is Seattle. I imagine that's why I feel so at home in Ireland. Emerald City (Seattle), Evergreen State (Washington), Emerald Isle (Ireland)…happy traveler (me).

I recently enjoyed a nonstop parade of quintessentially Irish experiences on one of our Best of Ireland in 14 Days tours. I'll never forget one stop in particular, at the dramatic Cliffs of Moher, teetering over the very western edge of Europe. With the wind blowing hard enough to nearly fly our group like kites, our guide Declan fortified us with… Read more

Dingle, Ireland

Slideshow: Heart of Ireland in 8 Days, Day by Day

Tight on time? The Heart of Ireland in 8 Days — Rick's personal "best of" distillation of our two-week Best of Ireland tour may be just the right fit for you. Hop aboard this slideshow for a sneak peek of the must-see historical sites, charming towns… Read more

Slideshow: Best of Scotland in 10 Days, Day by Day

What is Rick Steves' best-selling 2019 tour so far, you ask? Why it's the Best of Scotland, laddies and lassies! Go ahead and take a wee sneak peek with our Best of Scotland in 10 Days slideshow… Read more

Raves About Rick's Ireland and Scotland Tours

Ireland and Scotland offer a marvelous mix of travel thrills, from the unexpectedly exotic to the nearly familiar. Take it from our tour members: Each of our tours in Ireland and Scotland — from soaring cathedrals to… Read more

Meet Our Ireland and Scotland Guides

Rick Steves' tour guides aren't just amazing at their jobs — they're fun, caring, interesting people in their own right! To help you get acquainted with a few of our Ireland and Scotland guides, here is a collection of… Read more

Video of the Month: Dingle, Ireland: Irish Culture

Dingle is so traditionally Irish because it's a Gaeltacht, a region where the Irish culture survives, subsidized by the government. While English is always there, the signs, menus, and songs often come… Watch the video

Save on Select Spring Tours

Ready to treat yourself to a little pre-summer vacation? We're happy to give you a little nudge with savings of $300–$400 per person on select departures for Heart of Ireland, Heart of Italy, Sicily, Spain, and more… Read more