May Tour News

Hi from Rick: Ten Top Summer Tours

Spring is slowly (in some places, too slowly) blossoming out across the country, which naturally makes us want to just skip the whole thing and move straight into summer. Outdoor concerts. Picnics with a view. Long, warm evenings. This is where we want to be. And in this issue of Tour News we're ready to take you there.

People ask me which of our tours I'd recommend above all others for the perfect summer getaway, and I just can't do it. I love them all. But if you press me a bit harder, I can come up with a list of 10 that cover nearly every interest and travel style. This month you'll get a one-day taste of each, along with some favorite "wow" moments from tour members who traveled to these destinations last summer… Read more

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Lake Lugano, Switzerland

Slideshow: The Best of Summer, Day by Day

Summer 2018 is shaping up to be prime time for a European getaway. This slideshow takes you to a single summer's day on 10 top summer tours. Each of these has at least one summer 2018… Read more

Raves About 10 Top Summer Tours

A well-designed tour will always help shield you from energy-sapping crowds, waiting in long lines and stress. And there's no time this is more important than in the long days of summer! Rick Steves' June-August… Read more

Announcing Our Tour Scrapbook Winners

Each year we invite our tour members to put together online scrapbooks about their trips — and then we award great prizes for our favorites! Have fun browsing through this year's class of winning entries... Read more

Video of the Month: The Seltzers' Amazing Tour Video

Every year, our tour scrapbook contest attracts entries with great photography and engaging writing. This year's crop of candidates had an additional treat for our judges: the amazing video work of… Read more

Guide Interview: Tim Tendick

The travel bug has hit Tim Tendick hard, and he's not looking for a cure. A native of California's Bay Area, Tim has lived and worked in half a dozen countries but still calls Oakland home. After a decade of… Read more

Tour Forum: What's the Average Age on a Tour?

Malcolm in Portland writes, "I'm 46, and found that I was very nearly the youngest member of my two tour groups, and nearly everyone else was at retirement age. Was my experience typical? What is..." Read more

Save on Select Spring and Summer Tours!

Ready to get away? We're happy to give you a helpful nudge with special discounts on select departures over the next few weeks. Our "sale page" always has some pleasant surprises… Read more