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July Tour News

Hi from Rick: Let’s Keep On Travelin’

As much as I've loved getting back to traveling in 2022, I have to say…it's been a crazy year to be on the road: feisty COVID variants, heat waves, and headlines about airport chaos and canceled flights. And yet, despite all of that, I keep hearing from so many travelers who are still going to Europe…and still having a blast. We are determined to keep on traveling — and, while a few of us are taking our lumps, we're making it work.

For decades, I've celebrated the value of being what I call "militantly optimistic." Even having faced occasional hurdles myself — like the time this spring when an overbooked flight forced me to spend an unplanned night in Bologna instead of Munich — it's clear to me that those little setbacks are temporary, and that they're well worth the trouble once you're living the European good life… Read more

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Slideshow: Best of Off-Season Tours

Travel during the winter months comes with a bevy of benefits, from cheaper airfare to a less-crowded Europe to cooler temperatures. Some European destinations are better than others for travel… Read more

Raves About Off-Season Travel

The cooler winter months (Nov–March) are a wonderful time to go touring in Europe. But don't just take our word for it. Read these post-tour raves from a few of the folks who have traveled with us… Read more

Meet Guide Alfio Di Mauro

Born and raised — and now raising his own family — in Sicily, Alfio weaves his passion for Italy into every tour he leads from the Best of Sicily to the Best of Venice, Florence & Rome… Read more

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The World-Class Museums of Paris

The City of Light sparkles year-round, but Paris has a special appeal in winter. With fewer crowds, you can skip the lines, slow down, and savor Paris' world-class art. Join Rick on this video tour of… Watch the video

It’s Bingo Night with Rick!

Print out your Rick Steves bingo cards and join Rick on July 25 as he turns his TV episode "Vienna and the Danube" into a Monday Night Travel party and shares Vienna updates from his recent trip… Register