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  • Sognefjord cliffs, Norway

March Tour News

Hi from Rick: Let Music Take You on a Cultural Journey to Europe

A traveler not able to travel is like a singer not allowed to sing. But the day when we are free to put our travel dreams into actual plans is coming soon. I just got my vaccination, and as that needle went into my shoulder, I thought of the tens of millions of shoulders also getting stuck…and an angry virus thinking, "My party days are numbered."

But we're not quite there yet. And as we find ways to be patient, I've noticed lately how music that celebrates a particular country is a great way to virtually travel there.

A couple of weeks ago, 8,000 households joined my musical Monday Night Travel party. It was a lot of fun to drink like Beethoven, feast like Strauss, share the bench with Europe's top pipe organist in Paris' Church of Saint-Sulpice, remember Mozart in Salzburg, and get swept away by… Read more

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Nyhavn, Copenhagen, Denmark

Slideshow: Best of Scandinavia Tour

Starting in Sweden, this tour treats you to Scandinavia's top sights, including Stockholm's impressive Vasa Ship Museum, Copenhagen's fun-loving pedestrian center, and a waterfall-filled fjord… Read more


Interview with Scandinavia Guide Pål Johansen

Pål has had a truly varied career: He served with the Norwegian King's Guard, studied informatics, and started his own outdoor-equipment company. And his life has been filled with various adventures… Read more

Video of the Month: Boating the Fjords of Norway

Glaciers spent eons carving up western Norway as they worked their way to the sea. Slowly, they gouged U-shaped valleys that later filled with water, creating the defining feature of Norway's landscape… Watch video


Upcoming Monday Night Travel Events

Join Rick in his living room for a fun night of travel thrills. Check out our latest lineup — Places to Love: Vienna, European Easter, Food Tours in Europe, Europe's Offbeat Wonders, and more… Register here

Rick playing piano in Edmonds, WA

A Six-Minute Rick-Steves-in-Slippers Concert

At a recent Monday Night Travel party, Rick had a lot of fun reliving his old days as a piano teacher. Join him (along with labradoodles Jackson and Gracie) for a quickie concert featuring Baroque… Watch video

Sorrento, Italy

Guides’ Marketplace: Picks of the Week

Each week, we highlight online offerings from our European tour guides. From treasured recipes to blogs to virtual experiences and more, you're sure to find a way to connect with Europe from home… Read more