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February Tour News

Hi from Rick: Great — Great Britain

Looking back, so many of my greatest travel memories took place in Great Britain.

As a teenager, I plodded across a lonesome field in Dartmoor National Park — with only wild ponies and the stiff wind to keep me company — to a 4,000-year-old stone circle. It was here that I decided to become a guidebook writer.

On one of my Scotland tours, our bus pulled up at a remote farm outside of Inverness. We were greeted by a shepherd and a whip-smart border collie, who eagerly demonstrated how these highly trained dogs, following subtle commands from afar, corral their wayward flock with precision. Afterward, we got to cuddle some puppies…and more than a few of us considered smuggling one home… Read more

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Slideshow: Best of Scotland, Day by Day

On our Best of Scotland tour along mossy mountains, windswept isles, mysterious lochs, and heathered glens, you'll discover a land and culture that are strongly persistent…and persistently lovable… Read more

Meet Scotland Guide Colin Mairs

Colin loves to sing and dance while wearing a kilt, which is perfectly fine as he's a Scotland guide with a profound love for his country and its traditions. He qualified as a Blue Badge Guide… Read more


Slideshow: Best of South England, Day by Day

Our Best of South England tour brings you to the very roots of British history and culture. Your Rick Steves guide will introduce you to locals who have talents to share and stories to tell… Read more


Meet England Guide Robert Halkett

Robert grew up in Scotland and London and has a huge appetite for travel. After working as a teaching assistant, photographer, and tour coach driver, he took the leap in 1987… Read more

Castlerigg, Keswick, England

Raves About Touring Great Britain

England and Scotland offer a marvelous mix of travel thrills, from the unexpectedly exotic to the nearly familiar. Take it from our tour members: Each of our tours in Britain comes filled… Read more

Video: Speyside, the Heart of Scotland’s Whisky Country

Of the hundred or so whisky distilleries in Scotland, about half lie near the valley of the River Spey — making the area practically a pilgrimage for Scotch whisky aficionados… Watch the video

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Miss Our 2024 Festival of Europe?

No worries! Watch the recordings of our eight-day series of talks, designed to help turn your travel dreams into smooth and affordable reality, whether on a Rick Steves bus tour or on your own… Watch the videos