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  • Trevi Fountain at night

October Tour News

Hi from Rick: Rome Sweet Rome

I've just arrived in Rome, and I've already craned my neck to marvel at Michelangelo's Sistine ceiling, hugged a granite column at the Pantheon in the moonlight, delighted in the seasonal porcini mushrooms, and even tossed a coin into the Trevi Fountain. Of course, I'm wearing my mask when it's required. But the charm of the Eternal City remains eternal, and I'm glad to be here again.

It's been a challenging year and a half, and I'm so thankful Rome is still Rome. Dunking my biscotti into my vin santo, I'm happy to report that it's still as sweet as ever — and after missing it for so long, being back in Rome feels like coming home.

I'm here meeting up with a group of my rookie guides to head out on our Heart of Italy in 9 Days tour. It's the first Rick Steves tour we've run in two years… Read more

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Nina Bernardo

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Rick and Francesca walking

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