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  • Tapas bar in San Sebastian, Spain

April Tour News

Hi from Rick: Eating Europe

The time to return to Europe is getting closer and closer. And, while I'm determined to stay patient for now, I can't wait to re-launch Rick Steves' Europe tours and get us all back to what we love: packing maximum experience into every mile, minute, and dollar.

One experience just about everyone craves is discovering new taste treats on the road. Travelers who discover new dishes abroad come home with a broader palate — like a painter with more colors — and their lives are enriched. I love to eat — thanks largely to the amazing cuisine lessons our tour guides have shared with me over the years. I gobble up those insights, and I'm so impressed by how beautifully our guides share them with our tour members.

Since last fall, I've been hosting a weekly virtual travel party called… Read more

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Pamplona, Spain

Slideshow: Basque Country of Spain & France Tour

Straddling the modern-day borders of Spain and France is one of Europe's most ancient, independent-thinking regions. Starting in Bayonne and ending in Bilbao, Rick Steves' Basque Country tour… Read more

Spain tour guide Francisco Glaria

Interview with Basque Guide Francisco Glaría

Pamplona native Francisco loves sharing his homeland with travelers. As a guide on our Basque Country of Spain & France tour, he does just that, introducing tour members to the incredible scenery… Read more

San Sebastián, Spain

Video of the Month: Seaside San Sebastián

Elegant and prosperous San Sebastián — or Donostia, as the locals call it — is your best home base for exploring Basque country. It boasts one of Europe's loveliest stretches of sand, an elegant… Watch video


Upcoming Monday Night Travel Events

Join Rick in April and May for his weekly travel happy hour! Upcoming events include Europe's Best Markets, An Irreverent History of Rick Steves' Europe, and Europe's Natural Wonders… Register here

Temple of Olympian Zeus, Athens, Greece

Guides’ Marketplace: Our Picks of the Week

Take a virtual tour of Ancient Olympia, whip up authentic stinging-nettle tagliatelle, learn about Portuguese culture, and more in our latest roundup of our tour guides' online offerings… Read more