August Tour News

Hi from Rick: Stoke Your Travel Dreams in 2020

I was just walking on a ridge high in Italy's Dolomites. I mean literally on a ridge — with about 180 degrees of rugged limestone peaks encircling me, like some sort of icy orchestra playing forte con brio (loud and with vigor). On my left, beyond a sheer cliff, a gingerbread village nestled in the distant valley. And on my right, a sloping meadow was a fantasy of alpine flowers. Every couple of minutes, I'd pass people from nations as varied as those colorful flowers. The scene struck me as pure bliss: pristine nature, happy people, and the promise of more experiences (the kind that carbonate your travels) just around the next bend. Two things occurred to me: How nature here is both wild and accessible. And how some travelers pack their trips with vivid experiences, while others… Read more

Slideshow: Best of Tuscany, Day by Day

Our brand-new Best of Tuscany tour will have you falling in love with everything about this beautiful region, from Renaissance treasures to fine wines to farm-fresh food. Follow along as we preview… Read more

Slideshow: Best of Andalucía, Day by Day

Traveling to the rhythm of strutting horses and flirtatious flamenco, our Best of Andalucía in 10 Days tour captures the passion and pride of this remarkable region. On this brand-new tour, you'll be immersed… Read more

Guide Interview: Sarah Corfield

Before she became a guide for Rick Steves, Sarah had already traveled to 50 countries around the world. Now that she lives in Italy and guides our Best of Tuscany, Heart of Italy, Village Italy, Best… Read more

Cameron's Blog: How to Experience the Best of Tuscany

Cameron Hewitt suggests 12 quintessential experiences for enjoying Italy's heartland: cooking classes, meeting local farmers, discovering underappreciated art treasures, joining the local passeggiataRead more

Video of the Month: Great Groups

A rewarding trip is more than pretty sightseeing — it's memories and friendships shared with people along the way. On a Rick Steves tour, the small (24–28) group you travel with will be a big… Watch the video

Our Climate Smart Commitment

Travel is a major contributor to climate change. To account for our tours' impact on the environment, we're investing $1 million each year in climate-smart nonprofits and advocacy groups… Read more

Forum Discussion: What's It Really Like on a Tour Bus?

On the forum, Sara from Chicago asks, "I'd like to take one of Rick's tours, but many of them include lengthy (5–8 hour) bus rides. What are your thoughts on the amount of time spent on the bus…" Read more

Save $100 on 2020 Tours!

As a bonus for booking a 2020 tour, we're offering a $100 discount per-person. But hurry! It's only for a limited time. And in case you just can't wait till 2020 — we have great last-minute deals on some of our fall 2019 adventures.Read more