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February Tour News

Hi from Rick: Mixing Patience and Our Travel Dreams

For decades, part of my winter routine has been lining up my travel plans for that year. (Since I realized it's even more fun to take a Rick Steves tour than to guide one, in recent years, that has included leafing through our tour catalog and signing up for the tour that best fits my dreams.)

But of course, this year is different. And, while I believe we are finally on a glide path to normalcy for European travel, I'm still being careful and patient (no one wants to be the last person to get COVID). I'm confident that we'll reopen our tour program sometime within the next year…but only when it's safe and smart to do so.

In the meantime, our Rick Steves' Europe team — all 100 of us — is working hard to keep your travel dreams stoked and our tour program ready to kick into gear when that happy… Read more

In this issue

Slideshow: Paris & the Heart of France Tour

Stringing together an all-star collection of Rick's favorite places in and around the City of Light, this France tour will bring you the very best of Paris along with its most stunning surroundings… Read more

Tour guide Linda Benoit- Bealing

Interview with France Guide Linda Benoit-Bealing

Born and raised in the French region of Normandy, Linda has shared her passion for her homeland with travelers for decades. After spending many years as a tour guide in the canals and vineyards of Burgundy… Read more

Video of the Month: Avignon’s Youthful City and Medieval Walls

Clinging to a bend in the Rhône River in the south of France, Avignon looks and feels like the backdrop of a medieval fairy tale. While it's largely famous for its 14th-century heyday as a papal capital… Watch video


More Monday Night Travel

Join Rick's live Monday Night Travel party! Upcoming events include Insider's Rome with special guest Francesca Caruso, Europe's Top Musical Moments, Great Italian Wine Experiences, and much more… Register here

Guides’ Marketplace: Our Picks of the Week

Learn why Berlin's playgrounds aren't just for kids, discover the treasures in Pamplona's Museum of Navarra, explore Granada's historic El Realejo neighborhood, take a stroll through Paris' Montmartre… Browse