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November Tour News

Hi from Rick: What Makes Our Tours Unique?

Imagine: You run a tour company that you really love, and you finally return to Europe after two long years. Landing in Rome, one of the world's great cities, you meet up with your group: 20 bright, talented, and eager tour guides from all over Europe, excited to travel and learn together.

I just got home from my big fall trip. Being back in Europe was pure joy…made even sweeter by getting to experience it with that busload of guides. People often ask me what makes a Rick Steves tour unique. Sure, you get unforgettable experiences, great food, smart itineraries, and the wonderful fellow tour members we attract. But if I had to sum up the magic ingredient in two words, it'd be this: great guides.

This trip's goal was to train and mentor the "class of 2020" — the crop of new guides who were preparing to start working… Read more

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Slideshow: Heart of Italy, Day by Day

Tight on time? This tour is Rick's personal "best of" distillation of our Best of Italy tour. Beginning with the "must-see" sights of the Eternal City of Rome, your Rick Steves guide will help you… Read more

Meet Our Heart of Italy Guides

One of our most popular tour itineraries — the Heart of Italy in 9 Days — also boasts some of our most beloved guides. To help you get acquainted, here's a handful of interviews with a few guides... Read more

Harbor kitty, Vernazza (Cinque Terre), Italy

Raves About Our Heart of Italy Tour

If you want to experience the best mix of Italy's urban thrills and rural delights, but your time is limited, our nine-day Heart of Italy tour might be just right for you. But don't take our word… Read more

Etruscan gate

Volterra: Etruscan Haven

Like many other famous Tuscan hill towns, Volterra sits high on an Etruscan foundation, surrounded by thick walls. But while most feel cutesy and overly touristy, Volterra is real and vibrant… Watch the video


Don’t Miss Rick’s Pandemic Trip Report

Recently back from trips in France, Italy, and Greece, Rick will report on the current realities of traveling in Europe at his Monday Night Travel happy hour on November 29… Register

Virtual “Czechoslovakia”

Check out the Guides' Marketplace weekly picks and join Chris Coleman, Jana Hronková, and Jana Krátká for a two-week virtual walking journey from Prague to Bratislava starting November 19… See more