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Hi from Rick: Happy Little Travel Accidents

There's nothing like a nice bucket of tasty little snails when you're hungry and far from home. That was my thought as, armed with my handy toothpick and a local beer, I dragged a steady parade of Portuguese mini escargots from their shells.

Spending two weeks in Portugal last month researching my guidebook, it was the little experiences that brought me the most joy and the happiest memories…especially moments that connected me with people and with food. For example, I learned the local slang for coffee with a shot of brandy (a favorite among workers who like to add a little punch to their lunch). Then, when I casually asked my waiter, "Café com cheirinho?", the guy he thought was just another clueless tourist became a special guest…and that shot of brandy in my bica (espresso) was on the house… Read more

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Group picture at Alcobaca Monastery, Portugal

Slideshow: The Heart of Portugal, Day by Day

Starting in lively Lisbon and ending in proud Porto, Rick Steves' Heart of Portugal combines a dazzling mix of Roman, Moorish, and Baroque architecture with the small towns, seacoast, food, wine… Read more

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Raves About Touring Portugal

Portugal is filled with a rich culture, old-world charm, and friendly locals — no wonder it's one of our most popular tour destinations. But don't take our word for it. Tour members… Read more

Lisbon, Portugal

Meet Portugal Guides Cláudia and Cristina

This dynamic duo brings decades of guiding experience, a deep knowledge of Portuguese traditions, and a passion for teaching to our Heart of Portugal in 12 Days tour. Let's get acquainted… Read more

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Video: A Lisbon Food Tour

A trip to Portugal comes with lots of unique taste treats. Hop aboard a rickety old trolley with Rick and carbonate your taste buds — from "in cod we trust" to beloved custard pies… Watch the video

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