June Tour News

Hi from Rick: ‘Early Release’ 2020 Tours Are Here!

I'm about halfway through my spring trip to Europe, updating my Italy guidebooks — an intense process filled with great people, wine, and art. A theme for this visit has been finding peace and cultural tranquility in cities that, in many ways, can feel overrun with tourists, especially as peak travel season picks up. Just as voters tend to vote for whoever's up in the polls, many tourists visit the same famous sights. Of course, I love the biggies, from the dreamy Neuschwanstein Castle to Michelangelo's magnificent David; they're must-sees for a reason — and we can't imagine leading a tour without visiting these. But the lines and crowd sizes can often seem daunting.

On a Rick Steves tour, visiting these places is a breeze — we've got reservations and can zip right in, so you… Read more

Early release 2020 tours now available!

We know you've been waiting for the first 2020 tour dates to be released…and now they're here! See departures and itineraries for 21 tours, from Portugal to St. Petersburg and everywhere in between… Read more

Slideshow: The Best of Istanbul 2020, Day by Day

After a three-year break, we're welcoming back our weeklong Best of Istanbul tour for 2020. What's it like to experience one of the world's greatest cities on a seven-day Rick Steves tour? Hop aboard… Read more

Great Guides Leading 2020 Tours

A tour may have a great-sounding itinerary, but it takes a top-notch guide to make it a truly memorable experience. And we have some of the best guides around. Don't just take our word for it: Here's what… Read more

Norway's Fjords: Sognefjord

Video of the Month: Boating Through the Fjords

Glaciers spent eons carving up western Norway as they worked their way to the sea. Slowly, they gouged U-shaped valleys that later filled up with water, creating the defining feature of Norway's… Read more

Tour Forum: Recommendations for Pre-Tour Travels

Justin in Pasco is looking to add some pre-tour travels before starting the Best of the Adriatic tour. He asks, "Any ideas for pre-tour stops? My current plan is about a week in Venice/Veneto…" Read more

Save on Select Summer Tours!

Looking for a last-minute getaway that won't break the bank? Check out our Tours on Sale and save up to $500 on select summer departures in France, Italy, England, Scotland, and more… Read more