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January Tour News

Hi from Rick: Fun Times at Festival of Europe

Horse-insanity at Siena's Palio, scones that'll clot your cream in England, the tapa tango in Sevilla, the Caesar shuffle in Rome, and kilts flapping in the Scottish wind — it's our Festival of Europe — and we're dreaming out loud about travel every night for the rest of the month, and you're invited to join the fun.

I've been swimming in European fantasies lately — last month fine-tuning 22 shows celebrating our love of Europe — and this month hosting a virtual party nearly every night as we throw our biggest travel festival ever. It's exhilarating putting together slideshows, recording fun video clips, joining a European guide live every night (where "party time" is around 3 a.m.!), and washing it all down with a culturally appropriate drink. And, it's been a huge hit… Read more

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Festival of Europe

Our grand Festival of Europe continues through the end of January with a virtual trip across Europe each night. Join us for stops in Sicily, France, Turkey, Ireland, Germany, Greece, and more… Register

A couple outside of Chenonceau castle

Slideshow: Paris & the Heart of France, Day by Day

If the thrilling sights of Paris, Normandy, and the Loire keep rising to the top of your travel dreams, have we got a tour for you! Stringing together an all-star collection of Rick's favorite… Read more

Five Tempting Tastes of France

From its remarkable wines and cuisine to its sophisticated cities and countryside charms, France is simply irresistible. But where does one start? Here's a sampling of our five itineraries… Read more

Tour Member Raves About France

France serves up a rich tapestry of fine culture, sublime cuisine, dramatic natural beauty, thundering history, jaw-dropping art, and an undeniable joie de vivre. Take it from our tour members… Read more

Meet Our France Guides

With a lovely language that is often a barrier to real understanding, France may be one of the places in Europe where you can get a lot more travel enrichment from having a great guide… Read more

Video: Elegant Dinner in Amboise

Join Rick and his friend Steve Smith for a traditional French meal in the Loire village of Amboise. They'll dig into freshwater shrimp, buttery escargot, and the "chicken of France," roast duck… Watch the video