Meet a Trio of Our Greece Guides

Over in the corner of Europe, Greece seems to spin on its own cultural carousel. Tradition and community, hard times and good times, calloused hands and ruddy smiles — there's no better way to experience Greece than with a great guide. Let's get to know this trio of our Greece guides…

Anastasia Gaitanou

Anastasia is an important member of our Athens & the Heart of Greece tour team. A native of Greece, she has led tours throughout her country — from Crete to Corfu to Thessaloniki. With her multiple interests and talents, she easily lives up to the expectations that a name like Anastasia must generate — and she's a rock star on our tours… Read more

Tour guide Filippos Kanakaris

Filippos Kanakaris

As many happy tour members will tell you, leading tours comes naturally to Filippos. An Athens native, he first started leading tours (in French) while working as an actor in London, and he soon found himself guiding groups all over Europe. As a guide on the Athens & the Heart of Greece tour, Filippos loves showing tour members the history, culture, and beauty of his homeland… Read more

Apostolos Douras

Apostolos Douras

As a Rick Steves tour guide, Apostolos makes full use of his background in international relations and his passions for art and traveling. While Apostolos has led tours all over Europe, he loves introducing travelers to his native Greece on our Athens & the Heart of Greece tour — where he's adept at fostering connections between tour members and locals... Read more