Our Tour Scrapbook Contest Winners

Congratulations to our scrapbook winners! And thank you to everyone who entered this year.

If you're thinking of taking a Rick Steves tour, these scrapbooks can give you a personal, "customer's eye-view" of what our tours are like. You can take a peek at the winning scrapbooks by clicking on the links below.

2017 Winners

First Prize (1 seat on any 8–21 day tour or 2 seats on any 7-day city tour)
Kristina TrainerGermany, Austria & Switzerland in 14 Days
Our jury was impressed with the great job Kristi did in selling the Rick Steves tour experience. She not only showed what it was really like to be on a tour, but also shared the perspectives of her two travel companions. Her "Girlfriend-Go-To" and "Facts" sections were intriguing, and her tour reunion post-script was a real plus.

Second Prize (a $500 gift card good toward a tour or Rick Steves Travel Store purchase)
William Armstrong Europe in 21 Days
Wil used a unique and dynamic website design for his scrapbook and included a nice variety of topics. The Jury thought he had excellent photography, especially his stunning "Blue Hour" photos, and found his "dad and son" theme quite engaging.

Third Prize (a $250 gift card good toward a tour or Rick Steves Travel Store purchase)
Marielle and Dan BurchettMy Way Alpine Europe
The jury felt the Burchetts thoroughly embraced Rick’s travel philosophy in their narrative and included lots of logistical pictures in addition to beauty shots. They also perfectly depicted all the planning, independence and moxie needed for a My Way tour.

Fourth Prize (a $100 gift card good toward a tour or Rick Steves Travel Store purchase)
Stephen BrunsVillage Italy in 14 Days
Steve's scrapbook included just the right amount of information and easy navigation. Our judges liked the balance between destinations, highlights and practical matters. The addition of his high-quality photos resulted in an overall nice presentation.

Previous first-prize winners

2016: Omar and Rachel San Antonio — Europe in 14 Days
2015: Kristina Trainer — Venice, Florence & Rome in 10 Days
2014 Tie: Gord and Julie Braun: Europe in 21 Days, Bob and Pam Gudas: Europe in 21 Days
2013: Mike and Nicole Goodman: Europe in 14 Days
2012: Tie: Carol and Rae Colborne: Spain with Morocco in 16 Days, Melissa Reece: Europe in 21 Days
2011: Laura Grai — Sicily in 10 Days
2010: Todd and Julie Schultz — Best of Europe*
2009: Kevin and Nicole Howe — Best of Europe
2008: Christopher and Maria Paul — Best of South Italy / Best of Florence
2007: Barbara Filipiak — Best of Europe in 21 Days*
2006: Laura Sabraw — Turkey in 13 Days
2005: Jep and Joyce Hostetler — Best of Europe in 14 Days*
2004: Shannon George — Provence & the French Riviera*
2003: Bob Williams — Village Italy*
2002: Hans & Cathryn Scott — Scandinavia*
2001: Tong Zheng & Kevin Acken — Slow Dance Through France
2000: Jenny de la Cruz — Best of Europe*

*Website no longer available