Our Tour Scrapbook Contest Winners

Congratulations to our scrapbook winners! And thank you to everyone who entered this year.

If you're thinking of taking a Rick Steves tour, these scrapbooks can give you a personal, "customer's eye-view" of what our tours are like. You can take a peek at the winning scrapbooks below.

2022 Winners

Scrapbook winner

First Prize (tie): William & Jessica Atkins

Best of Paris in 7 Days

The Judges loved Jess & Bill's "Best of Paris" scrapbook with its stylish collage-style design showing off fun photos and the joy they experienced on their trip. We liked the positive energy in their writing as they introduced themselves, the group, the guide, where they stayed, and why they appreciated choosing a Rick Steves tour.

Scrapbook winner

First Prize (tie): Autumn Vallandingham & Jacob Hock

Best of Europe in 21 Days

Autumn made her 21-day European tour come alive with subtle animations, strong writing, nice photography, and a great layout. In addition to expertly highlighting each country along their tour, judges loved their story of how — in the context of early-pandemic isolation — discovering Rick's travels on TV inspired them to dream big.

Scrapbook winner

Second Prize: Laura Grai

Best of the Adriatic in 14 Days

Laura's "mother-daughter journey through the Adriatic with Rick Steves" is a delight. She mixes fun writing with high-quality photos and great features ("at a glance," tips, food discoveries!) to give a great overall look at what it’s like to be on the Best of the Adriatic tour.

Scrapbook winner

Third Prize: Anne Arbet

Family Europe: London to Florence in 13 Days

Judges loved that the whole family got involved in making their winning scrapbook. Per one of our judges, parts of their family tour were magical (e.g. in Guédelon) and the bits where the guide was entertaining the kids were golden. This scrapbook elevated itself by nicely capturing the overall tour experience and made it feel like a joy.

Scrapbook winner

Fourth Prize: Susan Daughters

Best of Europe in 14 Days

The judges felt the photographs in Susan's scrapbook were stellar — hands-down the best in the contest — and deserve to be seen and recognized. When combined with nice design, selection, and layout choices, the visual storytelling around what you'll see on a Best of Europe tour is compelling.