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Jeanie Carmichael

England tour guide Jeanie Carmichael

Jeanie shares her favorite garden parks in London. Listen to the interview

Scotland tour guide Anne Doig

Anne takes us on a tour of Scotland's largest city, Glasgow, home to rich historical sights, a thriving arts scene, and the proud and fun-loving "Glaswegian" locals. Listen to the interview

Roy Nicholls

England tour guides Roy Nicholls and Tom Hooper

Roy (pictured) and Tom introduce us to the villages that time forgot in the quintessentially English countryside. Listen to the interview


Scotland tour guide Liz Lister

Liz talks about the cultural importance of Scotland’s neighborhood pubs and share tips for making yourself feel right at home in one, even as a visitor. Listen to the interview

England tour guide Martin de Lewandowicz

Martin, a native of Wales, gives us a delightful peek at the magical landscapes and attractions of his homeland. Listen to the interview


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