Travel Photography Classes

Digital Photography for Travelers

Learn to make the most of your digital camera, whether compact or DSLR, so you can capture your travel memories with great pictures. We'll examine some fantastic photographs, detailed photo illustrations, and technical demos.

Photographer's Eye

Using illustrations, diagrams, and some of the worst photos you've ever seen (along with some pretty good ones), a pro will explain how cameras and lenses work very differently than our eyes — an understanding that's key to better capturing memories of your travels.

Photographing Your Italy Trip

Even beginners can return from Italian travels with great photographs to capture and share your experience. This class will offer photo tips and examples for some of Italy's top stops, including Venice, Florence, Rome, and the Cinque Terre.

Seven Steps to Great Photos

Shutter speeds and apertures can be important, but plenty of other elements are key to the creative photographic process. Filled with lots of photographic examples, this class is aimed both at beginners with point-and-shoots as well as advanced shooters looking to refine their skills.