Get Your 15 Seconds of Fame!

In addition to your questions, stories and thoughts about travel, we'd also like to give you an opportunity to participate in the radio program in these other fun ways. 15 Seconds of Fame submissions we use on the air receive a $25 credit to the Rick Steves Travel Store.

  • Submit your 15 seconds of fame, as well as your name and city to producer Tim Tattan.

Where I Live

Tell us about the place you live. Describe it as if you were designing a tourism brochure to attract visitors to your home, your town or neighborhood. Keep your description brief — preferably no more than one or two minutes when you read it aloud.

Audio Postcards

Gather sound from your travels or your neighborhood and forward it to us for possible use on the air! Send the file to us in an MP3 format via email. Make sure it's no longer than two minutes in duration. Then describe the sounds you've recorded to us in your email.

Haiku with Rick Steves

We're looking for a few good poems to read on the air. Compose an original travel-related haiku based on your travels, and Rick may read it on the air! It can be something like this:

Travel with Rick Steves
Wanderlust on the airwaves
What a way to go.

The traditional structure of a haiku is three lines long. The first line should have five syllables, the second line seven syllables, and the third line five syllables. While a haiku traditionally deals with nature and the seasons and is expected to compare, contrast, or associate elements, with a degree of of surprise, discovery, or enlightenment in the final line — we are not purists. (In fact, a haiku-structured poem with a reference to a human being is actually known as "senryu.")

What we do require for Haiku with Rick Steves submissions is that they are original compositions, and have never previously been published or broadcast, or accepted for publication or broadcast elsewhere.