June Travel News

Hi from Rick: Passions of Portugal

I'm just wrapping up a Heart of Portugal in 12 Days tour. And the memorable experiences have been relentless.

For example, staring into the candlewax firestorm that rages daily here at Fátima, Portugal's most holy spot, I'm struck by how cultures all over the world have the same passion for getting close to God. In a steady rain, the vast esplanade was filled with black umbrellas as an angelic choir thundered over the loudspeakers. It was on this spot in 1917, according to 70,000 eyewitnesses, that the Virgin Mary appeared in the sky… Read more 

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Europe's Best Border-Busting Day Trips

With relatively small countries and delightful public transportation, it's easy to throw a change of scenery and culture into your European itinerary. Here are some of my favorite international day trips… Read more

Iceland in 24 Hours

Iceland may be cold and remote, but in recent years, this island-nation has vaulted from out-of-the-way backwater to can't-miss destination — both as a stopover and for entire vacations — and tourism is booming… Read more

Cameron's Blog: Italy's Street Food Mecca

In the midst of a chaotic market bustle, on a gritty back street of Palermo, Marco is an anchor of calm. "Now let's begin," he says, with a twinkle in his eye. "Do we have any volunteers?"… Read more

Forum Discussion: Venice All to Yourself…in June!

Ray from Oregon posts, "We had heard many bad things about Venice. Things like, 'It is dirty, polluted, expensive and very over-crowded.' This was not our experience. On our first morning there, a beautiful sunny…" Read more

Video of the Month: Rick's Favorite Beach in Europe

My favorite beach in Europe? Salema, on the Algarve — the south coast of Portugal. It's Day 39 of my 100-day trip to Europe, and I'm here to make sure our Rick Steves Portugal guidebook is right up to date… Watch the video

App Bite of the Month: Slavic Firewater

Pour a festive glass as we learn about the strong, often homemade liquors that lend zest to celebrations across Eastern Europe. Tour guides Amir Telibecirovic and Jana Hronkova join Rick with tips on how to share… Hear the track

Rick's "Early Release" 2019 Tours

This year's tours have been selling-out at a record pace. But there's no need to put your travel dreams on hold: We're now offering an impressive array of 2019 departures for 19 Rick Steves itineraries — two months early… Read more