April Travel News

Hi from Rick: Iceland Has Arrived

Iceland — where the tectonic plates of Europe and America rub — is a hot destination these days. Here, a quick stop-over on your flight to Europe turns into a bonus vacation. You can luxuriate in a steamy hot mineral spring amid a vast lava flow, charge over glacial-runoff rivers to desolate perches made to order for a Game of Thrones scene, marvel at the sleek lines of a modern cathedral standing like an exclamation point in the capital city, and enjoy meals that could rival the finest feasts in Valhalla.

And right now, we're celebrating the arrival of our all-new guidebook to Iceland. At 450 pages, this isn't "Iceland lite" but a comprehensive guide designed to serve as your personal travel advisor. Bring this along on your next trip, and you'll learn… Read more

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Seljalandsfoss waterfall, South Coast, Iceland

Iceland's Top Destinations

There's so much to see in Iceland, and so little time. This overview breaks the country's top destinations into must-see sights (to help first-time travelers plan their trip) and worth-it sights… Read more

Rick's Budget Tips for Iceland

Iceland is one of Europe's most expensive destinations. Here are some strategies for keeping costs down… Read more

Reykjavík, Iceland

Cameron's Travels: My First Walk Through Reykjavík

Boarding the plane in Oslo, I realize I'm about to fly east to west over the North Atlantic — a thousand miles across a frigid sea — to touch down in Iceland…just like those first Viking Age settlers 1,100 years ago… Read more

Forum Discussion: Amsterdam Disaster…and the Silver Lining

Jack in Pennsylvania posts, "Just returned from the worst European trip in my history. Had to go to Amsterdam for a week of business meetings. Always great to have family along. As it turns out…" Read more

Rick Steves in Iceland

Video of the Month: Rick's New Iceland Guidebook

Rick is so excited about Iceland! Travel is all about making new discoveries. And right now, Iceland is a delightful place to do just that. We've always felt that a great guidebook does more than tell you.... Watch the video

App Bite of the Month: Scotch Tasting Rooms

One tradition that most of the Scots seem to heartily agree on is their admiration for a wee dram of good Scotch whisky. To help you tour the tasting rooms of Scotland like an expert, Rick is joined by… Hear the track

Tour News: Raves About Touring in Spain

Have you already been to, say, Italy or France? For the perfect, culturally rich follow-up, look to the west! Tour members on Rick Steves' four different Spain itineraries returned home with lots of raves in 2017… Read more

Save on Select Spring Tours!

Ready to get away? We're happy to give you a helpful nudge with special discounts on select departures over the next few weeks. Our "sale page" always has some pleasant surprises… Read more