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  • Rick in downtown Edmonds, Washington

August Travel News

Hi from Rick: Travel Dreaming in the Summertime

Do I miss Europe? I just saw a snail on my neighbor's fence…and all I could think of was escargot. This has been my first Seattle summer in decades. And, while I'm appreciating the simple joys of being at home, Europe is always on my mind.

To entertain myself, I've been coming up with "no-travel" tips. For example: Wash your socks in the sink, wring them until you get a blister, and then hang them to dry on your windowsill. Or sit outside the bathroom with a small bowl for coins on a tiny table and charge all who enter for carefully counted-out sheets of toilet paper. I asked my Facebook friends to come up with their own…and they came up with lots of clever ones. We designed our favorites into a free "No-Travel Tips" poster just for our travelers…Read more

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Rick at home with a tiny table at his WC

Rick’s Top 20 ‘No-Travel’ Tips

To pass the time until we can travel again, Rick asked for folks' best "no-travel" tips — clever (or silly) ideas to help bring a little Europe into our locked-down lives. Here are his 20 favorites… Read more

Fado performance, Lisbon, Portugal

Europe’s Timeless Traditions: Four Favorites

Europe is a continent of long-lived cultures, with countless treasured traditions that have survived into modern times. While some of Europe's customs live on only as clichés or tacky stage shows… Read more

Hvar, Croatia

Cameron’s Blog: What Do You Miss About Traveling in Europe?

Travelers are missing Europe something fierce. In this blog post, Cameron Hewitt reflects on those little everyday travel moments that have him itching to get back to Europe… Read more

Rick Steves For the Love of Europe audio book

Video of the Month: Rick Reads ‘For the Love of Europe’

Watch as Rick records some of his most unforgettable memories from four decades of European travel for the audio version of his newest book, For the Love of EuropeWatch the video

Tour members practicing gestures in Lucca, Italy

Travel Tip of the Month: Understanding European Gestures

In Europe, while some nonverbal gestures can help you communicate, others can contribute to the language barrier. For example, if you can count with your fingers, in Europe remember to start… Read more

San Nicolas Viewpoint of the Alhambra, Granada, Spain

App Bite of the Month: Tips for First-time Visitors to Spain

Tour guides Francisco Glaría and James Scanlon share their insiders' advice on how first-time visitors can avoid crowds and enjoy the best of Spain… Hear the track

Man and his dog at dusk, Wales

A Virtual Taste of Europe

As we wait for travel to open up again, our European tour guides are finding creative ways to share their passion for teaching. We're highlighting these opportunities — many of them free… Read more