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  • Rick getting his vaccine shot, Edmonds, WA

April Travel News

Hi from Rick: Get Your Shot and Let’s Keep on Travelin’

Wearing my "Keep on Travelin'" T-shirt like a blankie and gripping my passport to manage the pain (just kidding), the nurse stuck me and pumped a dose of that magic juice that will, once enough of us have taken it, free us to once again embrace life physically — to travel, to hug, to sing and laugh without worrying about "social distance" and some evil virus.

After I was eligible for a shot, I got on the list and booked my appointment. And in a couple of weeks, I'll grab my passport again and get my second dose.

As I received my vaccination, I was filled with a special joy. I inhaled a thankfulness that we have modern medicine and science to beat this virus — and exhaled a prayer that people will recognize that herd immunity (our societal ticket to freedom) requires an all-for-one and one-for-all…Read more

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