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  • Rick getting his vaccine shot, Edmonds, WA

April Travel News

Hi from Rick: Get Your Shot and Let’s Keep on Travelin’

Wearing my "Keep on Travelin'" T-shirt like a blankie and gripping my passport to manage the pain (just kidding), the nurse stuck me and pumped a dose of that magic juice that will, once enough of us have taken it, free us to once again embrace life physically — to travel, to hug, to sing and laugh without worrying about "social distance" and some evil virus.

After I was eligible for a shot, I got on the list and booked my appointment. And in a couple of weeks, I'll grab my passport again and get my second dose.

As I received my vaccination, I was filled with a special joy. I inhaled a thankfulness that we have modern medicine and science to beat this virus — and exhaled a prayer that people will recognize that herd immunity (our societal ticket to freedom) requires an all-for-one and one-for-all…Read more

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A smiling Rick in the recording studio

Keeping Up with Rick

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Woman with baguette at a market in Paris, France

Picnic Shop Like a Parisian

I grew up thinking cheese was no big deal. It was orange and the shape of the bread: slap, fwomp…cheese sandwich. Even though I'm still far from a gourmet eater, my time in Paris… Read more

Kirkjufell horses in Iceland

Cameron’s Blog: Iceland is Open. Should You Go?

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10 Tips for Environmentally Friendly Travel in Europe

I'm inspired by the way Europeans recognize human-created climate change and take meaningful action to address it. As travelers, we can do our part, too. Here are 10 simple tips… Read more

Isle of Capri, Italy.

Video of the Month: Island Hopping

Some of Europe's best surprises are its islands. In this featured playlist from Classroom Europe®, you can join Rick on a fascinating voyage to four of Europe's most intriguing islands… Watch video

Monday Night Travel - Food Tours Across Europe

Monday Night Travel Lineup for April

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Carcassonne, France

Guides’ Marketplace: Our Picks of the Week

Guides' recent offerings include a collection of traditional Irish songs, an insider's look at Spain's Basque Country, and more… Read more

Sognefjord cliffs, Norway

Explore Tour News

In the latest Tour News, embark on a musical journey to Norway: Ride a ferry through the fjords, read an interview with Norwegian guide Pål Johansen, and see the sights of our Best of Scandinavia tour... Read more