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September Travel News

Hi from Rick: My New TV Season Premiers in October

Imagine: You're standing all alone in Florence's Accademia Gallery, looking up at Michelangelo's David. Renaissance Man, the embodiment of humanism, stands tall on his pedestal. Looking the fearsome giant Goliath in the eye, with his slingshot thrown casually over his shoulder and the other hand clutching the stones that are about to become a deadly weapon, David thinks: "I can take this guy."

Europe's magnificent works of art — big and small, old and new — are an unforgettable feature of any trip abroad. And over more than three decades of TV production, some of my goose-bumpiest moments have come when I've stood in the presence of artistic greatness…like that time I went toe-to-toe with David.

That's why I've devoted the entire 12th season of my public television series to the great art and architecture of Europe. It's the culmination of 11 seasons filming the full breadth and depth of Europe's artistic heritage… Read more

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Climate Smart grant recipient Rainforest Alliance

Climate Smart Partner Spotlight: Rainforest Alliance

Our $50,000 grant will help the Rainforest Alliance expand their climate-smart agriculture work in Ghana, which allows farmers to adapt and prepare for the impacts of climate change… Read more