November Travel News

Hi from Rick: Slowing Down in Salema

Imagine a beach town so small that the bakery is a little three-wheeled truck that rumbles down its dirt access road each morning…where every restaurant is family-run and known for its grandmother as much as for its signature dish…and where, in a lazy policy of peaceful coexistence, tourists grab the sun while retired fishermen grab the shade.

This is Salema, on Portugal's Algarve — my favorite beach town in Europe. With a delightfully sandy beach and a few bars serenaded by the tranquil strum of a steady surf, it's what I look for in a small town.

When I first came to Salema in the late 1970s, this little fishing village was one of 20 discoveries (I called them "Back Doors") that made up the bulk of my first guidebook, Europe Through the Back Door. Thankfully, most of my original… Read more

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Video of the Month: Market Day in Beaune

To enjoy any small French town at its vibrant best, it's worth visiting on its market day. And the townscape of Beaune, lassoed within in its medieval walls, is as French as you'll find anywhere… Watch the video

Rick Steves’ Europe Calendars

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Forum Discussion: Driving in Germany

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App Bite of the Month: Coffee Breaks in Hungary

Two guides from Budapest share how to enjoy a cup of coffee like a real Hungarian and what you need to know before going on a trip to Hungary… Hear the track

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