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Hi from Rick: My New Year’s Travel Resolutions

A highlight of my England visit last year was "discovering" the proud port town of Bristol. With its maritime heritage, edgy street art, and fun park filled with a couple dozen foodie shipping containers — a spirited commotion of cheap and creative taste treats — Bristol buzzes with a special creative energy…and it's just a quick 15-minute train ride from Bath.

For 30 years, I was so in love with Bath that I never ventured a few minutes farther west to find something new. I love how you can never be finished exploring and discovering the charms of Europe. Catching the train home, I reminded myself to always pack along that spirit of adventure…

As I gear up for my 2020 travels — and the brand-new decade stretching out before us — there are a few other travel resolutions I'm making… Read more

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Douro Valley, Portugal

Video of the Month: Tasting Port Wine in the Douro Valley

Portugal's Douro Valley is the birthplace of port wine, and its steep and twisting valleys have been laboriously terraced over the centuries. Stop by a family owned winery for… Watch the video

Forum Discussion: March Travel Destinations

Susan in Saskatchewan writes, "Due to work, March is the only time we have to travel. In which areas of Europe would the attractions be accessible and enjoyable at this time of year?"… Read more

App Bite of the Month: Visiting Ireland

In this clip from Audio Europe — named one of the best travel apps of 2019! — tour guides Declan Field and Kieran O'Hare discuss how experiencing Irish cultural and music is just one pint of beer away… Hear the track

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