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  • Winery in Val d'Orcia, Tuscany, Italy

May Travel News

Hi from Rick: Is It Time to Keep on Travelin’?

In the spring of 2020, I cancelled a flight to Istanbul that would have kicked off my annual 100 days of travel. Since then, it's been a long year of travel dreaming from my back porch.

Patience is not a Rick Steves forté…but this year, it's been my middle name. I believe that as global citizens, we have a responsibility to trust science, to look out for one another, and to wait until Europe is ready for us to return. Anytime someone in my office gets antsy to sneak over to Europe during a break in the action, I've felt like saying, "Cool your jets."

But in 2021, hope has turned a corner. Vaccines are safe, effective, and widely available — more than half of all eligible Americans have already gotten the jab (including me!). Europe's vaccination rollout got off to a bumpy start, but…Read more

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Rick running in the Highland Games, Scottish Highlands, Scotland

Keeping Up with Rick: See Rick on CBS Sunday Morning — and More

Follow along as Rick employs a traveler's mindset at home, takes a musical tour of Europe, and celebrates Vaccination Nation… See more

Piazza dell'Anfiteatro, Lucca, Italy

Cameron’s Blog: Europe is Reopening. So Many Questions!

After 14 long months of being patient, travelers finally got some good news: Europe is hoping to reopen to vaccinated Americans this summer. If you’ve been dreaming of Tuscan… Read more

Andalucía’s Hill Towns: Steeped in the Soul of Spain

When my travel dreams drift off to Spain, they often include visions of Andalucía, the southern part of the country that feels more quintessentially Spanish than perhaps anywhere… Read more

A woman sitting on her hotel bed, Matera, Italy

Travel Tip of the Month: Finding and Renting an Apartment in Europe

Renting an apartment for your European vacation — whether in a Tuscan villa, French farmhouse, or a flat just above the bustle of London — can make a lot of sense for certain… Read more

Il Campo, Siena, Italy

App Bite: Italy’s Piazzas

In this new track from Audio Europe, Frances Mayes, author of "Under the Tuscan Sun," explains how piazzas play a vital role in the life of Italian towns and cities — and shares her personal favorites… Listen to the track

Video of the Month: Insider’s Rome

In this Classroom Europe® playlist, join Rick and Francesca Caruso, his favorite Roman tour guide, as they venture into delightful corners of the Eternal City. We'll visit ancient… Watch the video

Rick Steves in Bern, Switzerland

What’s Happening with Rick’s Guidebooks?

The best way to write a travel guide is by doing just that — traveling and seeing firsthand what you're recommending. Because of COVID-19, our team of intrepid researchers… Watch the video

Palais Garnier, Paris, France

Guides’ Marketplace: Our Picks of the Week

Our tour guides are serving up fun, virtual ways to stay connected with Europe. Their latest offerings include a stroll through les grand boulevards of Paris, an Irish tour guide's art and music, and… Read more

San Sebastián, Spain

Explore Tour News

Take a virtual trip to the proudly independent Basque Country in the latest Tour News — from the elegant beach promenade of San Sebastián to the Running of the Bulls festival to tasty tapas… Read more