August Travel News

Hi from Rick: All Together Now

I was with my TV crew in a Glasgow pub, the Ben Nevis, excited to film some traditional Scottish folk music. The evening was billed as a "traditional session" — not a formal concert but a casual gathering of musical friends who just show up to jam. The guy on the squeezebox was Welsh. An Irishman was on the bagpipes (I should have known by the pint of Guinness at his side), an Englishman was on the fiddle, and the guitar player was Scottish. My agenda was to feature Scottish traditional music on my show, so at first, I was disappointed. I talked with my producer about finding a different bar with a solid Scottish band. Then we realized, this is the reality…and it's a fun one… Read more

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Tidy and Tiny: Top Towns of Coastal Ireland

When someone asks me about visiting Ireland, I tell them not to miss the southwest coast. This is the place to experience the wonders of the Gaelic language and old Irish civilization, as well as the country's… Read more

Sightseeing Skills for the Ancient World

Climbing the Acropolis, communing with the druids at Stonehenge, or marveling at the sprawling remains of Pompeii — exploring the remnants of Europe's distant past brings a special thrill to travelers… Read more

Cameron's Blog: Foodie Splurge Restaurants

These days, more and more travelers are investing serious time and money in top-end fine-dining experiences across Europe. And on a few special occasions, I've jumped on this bandwagon — spending more… Read more

Forum Discussion: November Honeymoon in Ireland

BrewinBruin writes, "We're heading to the Emerald Isle for our honeymoon in November. We're looking forward to meeting locals at pubs, tasting libations and yummy food, hiking the bucolic Irish countryside…" Read more

Video of the Month: The "Scottish" Band Welcomes All the Tribes

Glasgow's West End is the place to go for live music. And, as I describe in this month's Hi from Rick, my TV crew's night at the Ben Nevis pub was not only rollicking fun but a beautiful lesson in diversity… Watch the video

App Bite of the Month: Exploring Normandy's Countryside

In this new track from the Rick Steves Audio Europe™ app, Patrick Vidal, Virginie Moré, and Antoine Bonfils join Rick to talk about the many delights of France's Normandy countryside… Hear the track

Slideshow: Welcome to 2019

Ready to set your travel dreams in motion for next year? So are we! Our full array of 2019 departures for all 44 Rick Steves tour itineraries awaits you… Read more