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  • Rick relaxing in the Dolomites, Italy

September Travel News

Hi from Rick: We’ll Be Ready for Europe — When Europe Is Ready for Us

This time of year is always exciting for me. With summer winding down, people start looking ahead to next year's travels and signing up for tours — and our entire staff and team of guides gets energized at the thought of sharing Europe with our travelers.

But this year is different. COVID-19 essentially shut down tourism in Europe for 2020, at least for Americans. We're hopeful that 2021 will bring better news, and it's our intention to run Rick Steves tours in 2021 — but only if we can do so safely and reliably.

In order to be ready for whatever 2021 brings, we've already booked hotels and buses for our tours, and our guides are standing by for an exciting slate of tours, as showcased in our 2021 catalog. We could start taking deposits for these tours today. (Many other tour companies are already booking for 2021.) But we've decided…Read more

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Young Rick in Asia

Rick Steves in The Atlantic

For many people, travel is a way of life. When not on the road, we dream of being on the road. In this recent Atlantic article, Rick writes about how traveling isn't just a pastime — it's a mindset… Read more

Farmer's market in Coustellet, Maubec, France

Provençal Markets for Aficionados

Exploring the vivid markets of Provence is a classic European experience. Cameron Hewitt blogs about the seven days he spent touring seven entirely different Provençal markets… Read more

Rick at the pyramid complex at Giza, Egypt

Video of the Month: ‘Rick Steves Egypt’ Sneak Peek

In his new hour-long special debuting this October, Rick explores the historic and cultural wonders of Egypt. In Cairo, we greet the Sphinx and marvel at King Tut's gold. Then we explore Alexandria's… Watch the video 

Les Deux Magots café in Paris, France

Travel Tip of the Month: Enjoying Europe’s Café Scene

Rick's not a cocktails-at-happy-hour type of traveler. But on a recent trip to Italy, he savored a peaceful moment in Siena's great square, Il Campo, sipping a glass of vin santo as the early evening… Read more

App Bite of the Month: An Insider’s Guide to the Amalfi Coast

Tour guide Ann Long shares insider information on enjoying Italy's scenic Amalfi Coast without getting stuck in tourist crowds or traffic… Hear the track

Rick’s Free Video Library for Teachers

On Rick's Classroom Europe site, teachers (and parents-turned-teachers) can create playlists from clips of Rick's TV episodes. Check out this très bon playlist on French art history created by a viewer… Watch the videos


A Report from Bulgaria: Keeping in Touch with European Friends

It's easy to be America-centric when it comes to the hopes, fears, and frustrations of fighting COVID-19. Being in the travel business, we have dear friends in many countries. And when we get reports… Read more