May Travel News

Hi from Rick: Traveling My Way…Your Way

One of the great joys for me as the top traveler and researcher here at Rick Steves' Europe is that I often have the services of amazing local tour guides all to myself. Yesterday I was with Virginie Moré in the French city of Lyon, enjoying the many sources of pride that the locals have for their remarkable home (still a well-kept secret among travelers to France). 

Walking through the old town — the finest surviving Renaissance district in France — and mesmerized by its after-dark floodlighting (one of Lyon's many fortes), Virginie went to bat for her home town vs. Paris… Read more

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France for First-Timers

On my most recent visit to Paris, I kept running into a delightful woman from Indiana on her first visit there. Wonderstruck by the city's charms, she was doing everything right — picking up French words… Read more

Andy Steves' Europe: City-Hopping on a Budget

After investing more than a million steps revisiting my favorite 13 cities, my "Europe: City-Hopping on a Budget" guidebook is out in its second edition. And it's clear to me that Europe continues to offer a wild… Read more

Cameron's Blog: Looking Back at My Semester in Spain

I'm heading out for my next trip to Europe. First up: Spain. And on this trip, I'll be going back to the university town of Salamanca for the first time since I spent a semester studying there, 22 years ago… Read more

Forum Discussion: Appropriate Gifts for French Hosts

nello.stover posts, "Our family has been invited to the small town of Cierges, France (Champagne country) on August 1st as they are having a town ceremony for my grandfather who was killed in action there…" Read more

Video of the Month: From Farm to Table in Tuscany

In rural Tuscany, you feel an enthusiasm for tradition. Gazing at contented sheep, you can almost taste the pecorino cheese, which seems to be a part of every meal. In this video Rick first visits a… Watch the video

App Bite of the Month: Siena's Palio — The Thrill of the Win

Every July 2 and once again in August, the 17 neighborhoods of Siena compete in a bare-back, anything-goes horse race around the town's central plaza. It's a tradition that dates back some 800 years… Hear the track

May Deals on Rail Passes: Which One Is Best for Your Trip?

Rail passes are no longer the hands-down cheapest or least complicated way to travel through Europe. But for the right kind of trip they can be simply brilliant. Here are some of the latest deals and changes… Read more

Tour News: Raves About 10 Top Summer Tours

A well-designed tour will always help shield you from energy-sapping crowds, waiting in long lines, and stress. And there's no time this is more important than in the long days of summer! Rick Steves' June–August tour members… Read more