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Hi from Rick: A Global Perspective

Dear Traveler,

Last month I was in a grass hut in Ethiopia — no running water, no electricity, fire on a dirt floor…harsh sunlight cutting through the doorway into a dark, smoke-filled interior that housed a woman, three lethargic children, and a big cow. No one seemed to notice the hot pile of manure.

I was filming our upcoming one-hour TV special, "Hunger and Hope: Lessons from Guatemala and Ethiopia." While that scene showed the hunger, most of what we saw and will report on was the hope. (Stay tuned — the show will be out for Thanksgiving.)

The lessons I learn from my travels (whether in Ethiopia, Estonia, or España) always seem to come with a surprising twist. The twist in that case — while studying hunger — was seeing first hand how climate change is hitting the poorest people in the… Read more

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