April Travel News

Hi from Rick: Hopeful Travels

I just flew away, as I do every spring, for a couple of months of travel research in Europe. But this time, I'm making a stop in Guatemala and Ethiopia on the way. I'll get to Italy, Switzerland, and Ireland in a couple of weeks — but first I'm on a mission. I'm with my crew, filming an exciting hour-long special called "Ethiopia, Guatemala, Hunger, and Hope," which will air this November on public television stations across the US.

I've wanted to make this program for a long time. The idea was hatched back in the 1990s, as I walked through a shantytown built upon a vast garbage dump in San Salvador and filmed a video for the Lutheran Church in Papua New Guinea about the structural roots of poverty. Since then… Read more

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What's New in Germany and the Netherlands for 2019

Germany is famously a work in progress — as is the nearby Netherlands — and that includes their sightseeing attractions. In 2019, there's good news and a few important warnings… Read more

What's New in Central Europe's Top Cities for 2019

The history, art, and culture of central and eastern Europe are often complicated for Westerners. But it's easier than ever to enjoy this area, where there is plenty of good sightseeing… Read more

Cameron's Blog: How to Get a Good Night's Sleep on the Road

I'm a professional traveler…and an inveterate insomniac. It's hard to imagine a worse malady for a travel writer. (Xenophobia, maybe?) While I sleep well enough in my own bed, I've struggled… Read more

Video of the Month: Cornwall, England

The evocative coast of Cornwall, England, is dotted with 19th-century Industrial Age ruins. The iconic smokestacks today are the dramatic remnants of Cornwall's now-dead tin-mining industry… Watch the video

App Bite of the Month: See You in the Piazza

In this new track from the Rick Steves Audio Europe™ app, author Frances Mayes takes us deep into Italy, as she explores dozens of charming small towns and cities, away from the crush of… Hear the track

Forum Discussion: Where Do Europeans Go on Vacation?

Emily who lives in Vienna explains that Austrians don't go to Hallstatt or Salzburg for vacation. She asks forum members living in Europe which vacation destinations are most popular in their home countries… Read more

Save on Select Spring Tours

Ready to treat yourself to a little pre-summer vacation? We're happy to give you a little nudge with savings of $300–$400 per person on select departures to Italy, Spain, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and more… Book now

Listen to Rick Steves Over Brunch

We came across this delightful podcast, Rick Steves Over Brunch, produced by travel writers Stephanie Craig and Christopher Mitchell. Listen in as they chat about episodes of Rick's TV show… Visit iTunes