October Travel News

Hi from Rick: Hurdling Europe’s Language Barrier

Careening through the streets of Rome, my taxi driver was going way too fast. So I said: "Se non rallenta, vomito" (If you don't slow down, I'll vomit). Worked like a charm.

Sometimes, knowing just the right words can help you hurdle Europe's language barrier. Food wonderful in Paris? Call the waiter over and say, "Félicitations au chef" (My compliments to the chef). Fall in love with a German at the beach? You can whisper "Du bist meine schönste Erinnerung" (You are my most beautiful souvenir). Ordering gelato in Italy and want to get a tasty combo? Try "Che si sposano bene?" (Which flavors marry well?)

While it's nothing to brag about, I speak only English. And yet, I've designed a series of European phrase books. That takes a lot of nerve for a monoglot like me. But I believe… Read more

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