February Travel News

Hi from Rick: Adventures and Mementos

I love how travelers collect mementos of their journeys. At a restaurant the other day, I met a man with a well-worn walking stick lined with weathered Stocknagels. Those are the old-fashioned medallion souvenirs that Germans tack onto their sticks, commemorating each castle, hike, or festival they've enjoyed. He was proud of what he and that stick had experienced together.

When I was a kid on my first trip, my dad and I each purchased a felt hat in Bavaria. Each day we added souvenir pins and feathers to our hats in a friendly competition to come home with a hat that jangled and bristled with happy memories. For 25 years, here at Rick Steves' Europe we've issued an annual patch for those who join our tours, and many wear these on their day packs like proud veterans of foreign adventures… Read more

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Dublin: Big-City Sights and Small-Town Smiles

As the capital of the country that gets my vote for the friendliest in the European Union, Dublin is a sightseer's delight: It's safe, thriving, and extremely accessible. Dubliners are… Read more

Andalucía's Big Three: Granada, Córdoba, and Sevilla

The quintessential image of Spain is the southern region of Andalucía, home of bullfights, flamenco, whitewashed hill towns, and glamorous Mediterranean resorts. And while much… Read more

Cameron's Blog: Confessions of a Rick Steves Tour Guide

It has been a frantic week here at the Rick Steves' Europe home office in Edmonds, Washington. We've been playing host to an invasion of about a hundred tour guides from all over Europe… Read more

Forum Discussion: Do We Really Need to "Dress Up?"

totafields posts, "Nowadays we want comfort when traveling, right? Especially on a long flight overseas. I've heard from different people that it's important to 'dress up' in order to get…" Read more

Palazzo Vecchio, Florence, Italy

Video of the Month: Florence's Palazzo Vecchio

Florence's main square is dominated by a castle-like fortress with a 300-foot spire — the Palazzo Vecchio. In Renaissance times, it was the Town Hall, where citizens pioneered the once-radical… Watch the video

App Bite of the Month: Saints and Celebrations in Spain

There are hundreds of national and regional saints in Spain, and many of them have festivals that bring their communities out to celebrate. To help explain the importance… Hear the track

Train station platform, Istanbul, Turkey

Rail Pass Special!

Don't need to travel first class? Save 20% by choosing the all-new second class version of a Eurail Select or Global rail pass! This offer is only guaranteed to last through Feb. 27, so get on board quickly… Browse pass options

Tour News: Stories of Great Guides

Rick Steves guides aren't just amazing at their jobs — they are fun, caring, interesting people in their own right! To help you get acquainted, here's a collection of interviews we've done… Read more