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  • The seaside at Cefalù, on the north coast of Sicily

June Travel News

Hi from Rick: Europe Awaits!

Have you ever had a cappuccino with a Capuchin? A few years ago, on a visit to Sicily, I got to do just that. After touring Palermo's bony Capuchin crypt — an eerie full house of human skeletons — I met a monk (who was still very much alive). Brother Antonio explained how his traditional look — brown robe, white hair — is the namesake of Italy's favorite drink, coffee topped with foam.

Over the past year, I've been reliving treasured "only in Europe" moments like my cappuccino with a Capuchin, and dreaming of all the places we'll go as soon as COVID is behind us. In fact, the joy of these memories inspired me to collect six of my favorite European destinations — offbeat, romantic, or just plain good for the soul — into a public television pledge special called "Europe Awaits," which airs nationwide on Monday evening, June 7…Read more

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Rick with a map

Join Rick on June 7 for “Europe Awaits”

Travel lovers are dreaming of where they’ll go post-COVID. In this two-hour pledge special, Rick Steves visits some European favorites he can't wait to revisit when we can travel again. Rick shares a montage... Read more

Rick at home with wine

Keeping Up with Rick: On the Future of Travel and More

Follow along as Rick meets with travelers and faith leaders, updates the media on his current projects, celebrates his birthday, and talks with AFAR and Seattle Met magazines… Read more

Nightlife in Bucharest, Romania

Bucharest: Romania’s ‘Little Paris of the East’

Still haunted by the legend of a vampire count and the legacy of a communist dictator, Romania is complex — with an epic history, a multifaceted ethnic mix, and an unusually rich cultural… Read more

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Travel Tip of the Month: Booking Flights to Europe

Your flight to Europe will likely be your biggest trip expense — it pays to be on your toes to get the best deal. And keep in mind that there's no such thing as a free lunch in the airline industry… Read more

A sculture by Vigeland in Oslo, Norway

Cameron’s Blog: Why Americans Don’t Trust Each Other (and Northern Europeans Do)

With the big news that vaccinated Americans can go maskless in most situations, I’ve noticed a trend: deep societal distrust. People in my social circles… Read more

Video of the Month: Great Italian Wine Experiences

Italy loves its wine. And if you love both Italy and wine, this Classroom Europe playlist will be an intoxicating affair. Join Rick to sample his favorite wine experiences in Italy: savoring the… Watch video

An azulejo, or tin-glazed ceramic tile, in Lisbon, Portugal

Scotland’s Wines, Portuguese Tiles, British Countryside, and More

Check out the weekly picks in our Guides' Marketplace from the fine wine and delectable cheese of Scotland to the history of Portugal's hand-painted tiles to exploring Britain's "Green Lanes"… See more