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Hi from Rick: The Joy of Teaching Travel

Whenever I cross a border and they ask my profession, I say "teacher." And I take that seriously, because I love teaching the things I love. In fact, the only two jobs I've ever held are teaching my two big loves: music (piano teacher) and travel (as you know). I paid for all my early trips by teaching piano lessons.

I just hit a milestone: I'm 60 years old. It's a time when my friends are starting to think about retirement. And all I can think about is new ways to teach travel. The concept of retirement has a tough time thriving in the mind of a person whose "work" feels like play. And lately, I'm all about discovering new and creative ways to help Americans travel smarter. I'll always be out there with guidebooks and TV shows, but teaching smart travel is a perfect fit for the Web. Recently more than 13,000 people around the world… Read more

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Everyday Europe: Turning Travel Chores into Cultural Gems

I often preach that travel is more rewarding when you get beyond the blockbuster sights and touristy clichés and get intimate with a culture and its people. One way to do that is… Read More

Musical Bridges to European Culture

Music has always been an important part of my life. My dad was a musician who also sold and tuned pianos, and I spent my high school years as a piano teacher… Read More

Bosnian Coffee: Achieving Mudlessness

Bosnian coffee (bosanska kafa) is not just a drink. It's a complex social ritual that captures this culture's deliberate, stop-and-smell-the-tulips approach… Read More

Travel Forum: Need Help with Winter Clothing!

Please help! I'm going for a couple weeks to London, Prague, Vienna, Budapest, and spending a couple days in the Alps through this December… Read More

Video of the Month: Eating Fearlessly in Europe

One of the great joys of travel is eating. Restaurants filled with locals are where you'll find high quality and good value. Order your meal with a spirit of … Watch video

The Mont St Michel at sunrise

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