January Travel News

Hi from Rick: Here’s to Traveling with Gusto

During this time of year, memories of holiday travels are mixed into my hometown celebrations. My tree is draped in ornaments reminding me that celebrations are diverse yet universal. My friends — whether Italian, Norwegian, or Jewish — bring out grandma's favorite festive dishes and sweets. Along with gnocchi, lefsa, and sufganiyot, the occasion calls for the very best wine in the house (for me a Bandol from Provence or a full-bodied red from Tuscany). And, when I think of wishes for the new year, they are border-free. When we travel, we understand how we're all family as we explore and treasure this wonderful planet we've been blessed with… Read more

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Engaging Experts Enrich European Experiences

When I arrive in a new city, I book a private guide straightaway — someone who can bring the city's architecture, history, and culture to life. Lately, in the spirit of experiential sightseeing… Read more

Andalucía's Hill Towns: Steeped in the Soul of Spain

When my travel dreams drift off to Spain, they often include visions of Andalucía, the southern part of the country that feels more quintessentially Spanish than perhaps anywhere else… Read more

What's New for European Train Travel in 2019

The big news this year is that choosing between rail passes just got a lot simpler. That's because Select Passes (for two to four countries) have been discontinued — and in their place are… Read more

Cameron's Blog: 10 European Discoveries for 2019

As your travel dreams take shape for 2019, consider mixing things up with a few underappreciated gems. For starters, here's my list of alternatives to the super-famous, super-crowded tourist biggies… Read more

Forum Discussion: What Items Did You Pack and Not Use?

emd9930 brings up a good question for light-packing travelers: "I just returned from my trip to France and had some items (listed below) that I didn't use. What did you bring back unused…" Read more

Video of the Month: Europe and the Joy of Travel

Rick explains what excites and inspires him about Europe: finding "Back Door" alternatives to crowded destinations; connecting with locals; appreciating cultural, artistic, and natural wonders… Watch the video

App Bite of the Month: Greek Theater

In this new track from the Rick Steves Audio Europe™ app, Greek guide and theater director Filippos Kanakaris talks with Rick about the timeless traditions of ancient Greek theater, and how… Hear the track

Tour News: Raves About Family Touring

Whether you're planning a trip with your teens, pre-teens, or young-adult kids, a Rick Steves tour can open up the world for them — and just about eliminate the stress for you! But don't take… Read more