October Travel News

Hi from Rick: My Season 10 Shows Have Arrived

This month's launch of an all-new season of Rick Steves' Europe on public television — the focus of my October Travel News — is making me positively giddy. For the next few months I get to share my love of Europe with millions of travel partners all across America. My mission for these dozen new shows is to inspire and equip you to have the very best travel experiences (whether it be on the road…or on your couch).

Doing this right requires the thing I'm most proud of in my TV work: authenticity. Everything I experience on-camera is something you can do as well. You won't find celebrities, luxury lifestyles, or daredevil adventures. The happy fact is, outgoing and inquisitive travelers find fun, perspective-broadening experiences and people, no matter where they travel. A favorite example is in my new "Sicilian Delights" episode… Read more

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Celebrating Sicily: Italy at Its Most Extreme

It may lack the Botticellis, Guccis, and touristic icons of Venice, Florence, or Rome, but Sicily still packs a punch. This island — a little smaller than Massachusetts — is home to some of… Read more

Finding Foodie Bliss in Lisbon

Just as I was an expert picnicker as a young backpacker, I'm now an older backpacker — who is packing a little extra taste and money — so I find myself seeking out "foodie" meals… Read more

Cameron's Blog: TV Locations Behind the Scenes

I just love it when a new season of shows comes out. It's like Christmas morning. Like a lot of travelers, I first got to know the Rick Steves' Europe travel philosophy in the late 1990s… Read more

Forum Discussion: Global Entry Advantages

M from Tacoma writes, "I just recently got approved for Global Entry for my trip to London in a few months. I'm wondering if anyone else has this. If so, did you find it helpful for when you came back…?" Read more

Video Clips: "Rick Steves' Europe" Season 10

Season 10 of Rick Steves' Europe debuts across the US this month! Twelve new episodes include Portugal, the heart of England, Greek islands, Sicily, and Scotland. This season also offers… Watch the videos

App Bite of the Month: Wandering Paris

In this new track from the Rick Steves Audio Europe™ app, author Fred Plotkin explains that on his visits to Paris he avoids the crush by ambling through its neighborhoods, with no particular plan in mind… Hear the track

Rick's Tours: Book Now, Save $100!

Reserve seats on any 2019 Rick Steves tour today, and you'll automatically save $100 per person! Booking early is the best way to lock in your departure date — and save — before tours fill up… Read more