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March Travel News

Hi from Rick: Traveling Climate Smart

On every trip to Europe these days, I see signs of our changing climate. From the Dutch polderland to the Venetian lagoons, coastal communities are fighting a losing battle against the rising seas. Hotels in formerly cool-weather climates are installing air-conditioning, as they swelter through one "heat wave of the century" after another. In Switzerland, high temperatures are canceling summer ski seasons and causing city tram tracks to buckle. Everywhere you look, violent weather is making travel and life less predictable than ever — and this will only get worse.

Let's be honest: The climate is changing…and people are causing it. And we travelers — with our long-haul flights to Europe — are major contributors. Some might choose to skip travel entirely. But for us at Rick Steves' Europe, being "flight-shamed"… Read more

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Backpackers at a train station

10 Tips for Environmentally Friendly Travel

With every visit to Europe, I'm inspired by the way Europeans recognize human-created climate change not as a "theory" — they accept it as a reality — and take meaningful action to address it… Read more

Pubs, Parades, and St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin

Dublin's St. Patrick's Day festivities are highlighted by a giant parade. All along the two-mile parade route, revelers sport an assortment of goofy hats and festive face paint. Delicate little… Read more

Cameron’s Blog: What Makes a Good Guidebook…a Good Guidebook?

From the perspective of someone who's spent more than 20 years working on the Rick Steves books, here's Cameron's take on the "secret sauce" of what makes a good guidebook…a good guidebook… Read more


Video of the Month: Ethical Travel in a Warming World

The climate is changing — and travelers are leaving a bigger footprint than most. Some might choose to skip travel entirely. But for Rick Steves' Europe, that's not the answer. In this video… Watch video

Rail Passes on Sale

Traveling by train in Europe allows you to reduce your carbon footprint, and now you can also save 10 percent on most Eurail passes when you purchase by March 21… See details

Monday Night Travel Goes to Greece and Florence

This month, we'll meander through the lively streets of Athens, Hydra, and Santorini with guide Niki Vlachou, and experience the unforgettable art and food of Florence with Rick Steves… Register

Slideshow: Best of Eastern Europe, Day by Day

Starting in beautifully preserved Prague, for 15 days you'll experience the rich diversity of central Europe, from the energetic cities of Kraków and Budapest to tradition-rich "back door" towns… Read more