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August Travel News

Hi from Rick: Summer Vacation Dreams

New COVID variants…record heat…political polarization…war in Ukraine…inflation…air travel headaches…grain shortages…midterm elections…monkeypox…January 6 hearings…$100 tanks of gas…happy travels?

Yes, happy travels. Now more than ever, a European vacation is filling my dreams. The world's problems are my problems — they're all our problems. It seems they consume me, and it feels like they're multiplying. But for the good of my ability to be fully engaged and make a difference, I'm going to take a break, knowing I'll be better able to fight that good fight when I recharge.

Normally, when I dream of Europe, it's about working in Europe. I love researching and updating our guidebooks, helping lead our bus tours, and producing new TV shows. I'm such a workaholic, I can't remember really "needing" a vacation… Read more

In this issue

Traditional canal barge passing through a lock in Burgundy, France

Burgundy: Bulging Barrels, Barging, and Beyond

My favorite corner of France is bucolic Burgundy, a region overflowing with imbibable and scenic delights. Crisscrossed with lazy canals and dotted with quiet farming villages, it's easy to like… Read more

St Michael's Mount

Travel Tip: How to Make the Most of Your Trip

On the road, I get out of my comfort zone and meet people I'd never encounter at home. In Europe, I'm immersed in a place where people do things — and see things — differently… Read more

Cameron in Edinburgh

Cameron’s Blog: A Day in the Life of a Guidebook Writer

So far in 2022, I've already spent more than 10 weeks updating our Rick Steves guidebooks for the "post-COVID" era — in London, Rome, Tuscany, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Scotland.... Read more

Rick hiking Mont Blanc trail

Video of the Month: Tour du Mont Blanc

Of the many iconic long-distance hikes that criss-cross Europe, one of the most popular is the Tour du Mont Blanc. This busy trail, which passes through France, Italy, and Switzerland, is like one giant park. Join Rick as he hikes… Watch video

Monday Night Travel on Summer Break

We're back next month with a new slate of travel parties, including barging in Burgundy and hiking in the Alps with Rick, exploring Alsace with Steve Smith, and storming Stockholm with Gabriella Ylvasdotter… Register

Plitvice lakes

It’s Not Too Late to Hop on a 2022 Tour

We have a handful of remaining seats available on nearly every one of our carefully crafted 2022 European adventures — and they're all on sale for up to $350 off per person… Browse tours