• Road with sea view, Amalfi Coast, Italy

June Travel News

Hi from Rick: Finding a Quieter Slice of Europe

I just wrapped up three intensely busy weeks in Europe, working on the next editions of our Italy guidebooks. When I'm on the road, I think of myself as a "cultural lint brush"…catching little observations, tips, insights, and travel trends as they flutter by. I jot them down in my little notebook, excited to share them with as many travelers as possible.

For example, while pandemic lockdowns are a distant memory, the long-term impacts of Covid are still with us: More Italians own dogs than ever before. (Pandemic pups — which gave Italians a legal excuse to get out and take a walk — were the rage during lockdowns.) Restaurants that were once open seven days a week are still taking a day or two off…either because they're understaffed, or (more likely) because they got used to having a little more personal time. And little vegetable gardens, which were originally planted when a run to the grocery store felt like a health hazard, are still popular… Read more

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Westminster Abbey

Smart Strategies for European Sightseeing

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Restaurant table, Mont St-Michel, France

Savoring Normandy's Hospitality

Picture this: Half-timbered towns with tall cathedral spires, thatched-roof cottages dotted among green rolling hills, fat happy cows, and drifts of gnarled apple trees. This is the beguiling Normandy coast… Read more

Football fans in pub, Dublin

Euro 2024: European Football 101

Whether you call it "soccer" or "football," Europe's favorite sport will be in the global spotlight this summer as Germany hosts Euro 2024. Officially called the UEFA Men's European Football Championship… Read more

Cameron Hewitt above the Rhine, Germany

Cameron’s Blog: That Wonderful Language Barrier

Are you one of those travelers who struggles with languages? You shouldn't. Getting your hands dirty with unfamiliar languages is one of the great joys of being in Europe. It enhances your travels… Read more

Video of the Month: Remembering D-Day

It was on Normandy's beautiful beaches at the crack of dawn June 6, 1944, that the allies finally gained a foothold in France and Nazi Europe began to crumble. In this video Rick travels along Normandy's… Watch the video

MNT Summer Series: Travel with Purpose

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Slideshow: Best of South Italy, Day by Day

Our southern Italy tour features a region rich in contrasts, from cities to beaches and from rugged to glamorous — including Rome, Pompeii, the Amalfi Coast, Matera, Naples, and more… Read more