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October Travel News

Hi from Rick: High-Altitude Bliss

We travelers have spent the pandemic dreaming of the places we'd go when we finally could. And this fall, a few hardy, independent, and vaccinated Americans are finally making their way back to Europe…including me.

In my case, I've been fantasizing about hiking the Tour du Mont Blanc — a multi-day mountain trek around Europe's tallest peak, traversing dreamy and rugged trails through the French, Italian, and Swiss Alps. (A few years ago, I "faked" it for an episode of my TV show…but I wanted to do it for real.) I brought along my girlfriend, Shelley, and some friends. For six straight days, we rose early and hiked 10 or 12 miles, munching lunches at a series of unforgettable mountain passes. It was high-altitude bliss… Read more

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Rick hiking Mont Blanc trail

Keeping Up with Rick: The New Yorker, McSweeney’s, Mont Blanc, and More

Follow along as Rick is interviewed by The New Yorker, hikes the Mont Blanc trail, slurps Washington State oysters, expresses his love for public radio, is satirized by McSweeney'sRead more

European numbers on a menu

Travel Tip: European Numbers and Stumblers

Europeans convey numerical information differently than we do, from measurements to schedules and even dates. Getting comfortable with the 24-hour clock, weather forecasts in Celcius, and other… Read more

Mont Blanc gondolas

Sailing over the French Alps

Imagine you and your favorite travel partner dangling in your own private little gondola, gliding silently for 40 minutes as you float above the crags and crevasses of the vast Géant Glacier. On your right is the pillowy… Read more

Cameron in the Dolomites

Cameron’s Blog: Traveling in Europe During COVID

"Cameron! You must tell Americans what it's truly like to travel here right now." This was the plea from Isabella, who runs a stunning countryside hotel in the most beautiful corner of Tuscany… Read more

Aiguille du Midi Viewing Platform

Video of the Month: Thin-Air Thrills

Looming nearly two miles above the town of Chamonix is the Aiguille du Midi, part of the Mont Blanc massif in the French Alps. At 12,600 feet, it's also Europe's highest mountain peak served by cable car… Watch the video


See What’s on Monday Night in October

Coming up on Monday Night Travel, join us for Turkey Favorites with Lale Surmen Aran, Iceland with Cameron Hewitt, Bulgaria with Stefan Bozadzhiev, and more virtual travel fun… Read more

Virginie and Rick

Traveling to Europe This Fall? Hire a Rick Steves Guide

This week in the Guides' Marketplace we're featuring a group of our stellar guides who offer Rick Steves travelers a fixed, discounted rate on private, local tours in France and Belgium… Read more


Slideshow: Heart of Italy Tour

Tight on time? This tour is Rick's personal "best of" distillation of our Best of Italy tour. Beginning with the "must-see" sights of the Eternal City of Rome, your Rick Steves guide will help you… Read more