December Travel News

Hi from Rick: Enjoying Europe’s Greatest Art

A few years ago, I found myself all alone with my favorite statue in the history of European art: Bernini's Apollo and Daphne.

My film crew and I were at the Borghese Gallery in Rome to shoot an episode of my TV show, and I had some free time while they set up. We were there on a Monday (when the museum is closed to the public), and I was able to take my time appreciating the breathtaking beauty of this statue: Apollo chases the woman of his dreams. Then, the split second before he reaches her, Daphne begins turning into a tree — her fingers sprout leaves, her toes grow roots, and the eager-yet-unknowing Greek god is in for one rude surprise. To be here alone, marveling at the genius of Bernini and the drama of Baroque, is a thrill for anyone who loves the art of Europe.

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