Program 215a: Open Phones: Sick in Europe; Swedish Vacation; Istanbul By Night

Release Date: 02-18-2014


Guides from Stockholm and Istanbul recommend getting back to nature in the Swedish countryside, and share tips for enjoying a night on the town in Istanbul and Rick checks in with listeners who have questions on dealing with medical problems while visiting Europe.


  • Marita Bergman, tour guide from Stockholm
  • Gökalp Kasim and Taylan Tashbashi, tour guides from Istanbul

Haiku Awards

Program 215 Haiku Awards

Fjords' teal blue waters
Stony slopes thrust heavenward
Norway is awesome!

Jumble of Bergen:
Buildings bounce, bunch and beckon,
Up and down hillsides.

Queen Copenhagen
Copper spires, canals, cafes
Venice, be jealous!

Hills gently rolling
Bucolic streams meand'ring
World, what's your hurry?

—  Nancy Weinstein, Seattle

"Slower Vehicles
Impeding Others' Progress
Please Move to the Right"

—  Jim Reasoner, Redlands, California

Am too distracted
to focus on work or home.
Need a vacation.

—  Audrey Baxter, Austin, Texas