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Program 215a: Open Phones: Sick in Europe; Swedish Vacation; Istanbul By Night

Release Date: 02-18-2014


Guides from Stockholm and Istanbul recommend getting back to nature in the Swedish countryside, and share tips for enjoying a night on the town in Istanbul and Rick checks in with listeners who have questions on dealing with medical problems while visiting Europe.


  • Marita Bergman, tour guide from Stockholm
  • Gökalp Kasim and Taylan Tashbashi, tour guides from Istanbul

Related Links

  • "The Emigrants" and "The New Land" are two films made in Sweden in the early 1970s, starring Max von Sydow and Liv Ullmann, which Rick recommends for learning about the troubles typically faced by 19th century emigrants from Sweden.

Haiku Awards

Program 215 Haiku Awards

Fjords' teal blue waters
Stony slopes thrust heavenward
Norway is awesome!

Jumble of Bergen:
Buildings bounce, bunch and beckon,
Up and down hillsides.

Queen Copenhagen
Copper spires, canals, cafes
Venice, be jealous!

Hills gently rolling
Bucolic streams meand'ring
World, what's your hurry?

—  Nancy Weinstein, Seattle

"Slower Vehicles
Impeding Others' Progress
Please Move to the Right"

—  Jim Reasoner, Redlands, California

Am too distracted
to focus on work or home.
Need a vacation.

—  Audrey Baxter, Austin, Texas