Program 228b: European Christmas Preparations

Release Date: 12-15-2012


Friends from Madrid, Rome, London and Lisbon tell us about their cities' traditions for the Christmas season.  And we’ll hear how the holidays are celebrated in Bulgaria, the Swiss Alps, Austria and the Low Countries.


  • Federico Garcia Barroso, tour guide based in Madrid, Spain 
  • Susannah Peruccini, tour guide based in Rome, Italy
  • Tom Hooper and Gillian Chadwick, certified guides based in London  
  • Cristina Duarte, tour guide based in Lisbon, Portugal
  • Lyuba Boyanin, proprietor of LyubaTours in Sofia, Bulgaria 
  • call-out to Olle Eggiman, schoolteacher in Gimmewald, Switzerland  
  • call-out to Gabi Koch, at her family-owned Hotel Maximilian in Reutte, Austria 
  • Ferdi Menghi and Nina Dierckx, European tour guides raised in Belgium

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