Program 257a: Potsdam; Athens; Open Phones: Favorite Cities

Release Date: 06-15-2013


We'll explore the historical riches of Potsdam, Germany, and we'll hear how Athens, Greece has grown into a visitor-friendly destination, complete with a new Acropolis museum. We'll also get a dispatch from adventure cyclist Willie Weir from his favorite square in Madrid, and we'll open the phones for your nominations for a favorite city to explore.


  • travel writer Neil Taylor, author of the Footprints Pocket Guide to Berlin
  • Greek tour guide Anastasia Gaitanou
  • dispatch from travel writer-bicycle adventurer Willie Weir

Related Links

  • Neil Taylor co-authored the now out-of-print Berlin guide from the Footprints Pocket guidebook series (now called Footprints Focus guides).
  • Wikipedia has a detailed entry on Potsdam, including photos of the Glienicke Bridge.
  • A short interview with tour guide Anastasia Gaitanou.
  • Rick provides a free audio walking tour of Athens.
  • Psyrri and Monastiraki are the old town neighborhoods Anastasia recommends exploring in Athens.
  • Rick says that the new Acropolis Museum is one of the best in Europe.
  • Willie Weir describes Madrid's Plaza Mayor. Willie’s latest book of travel observations is called “Travels with Willie.”
  • The English immersion program in Spain that caller Sarah attended is called “VaughanTown,” and operates in several locations in Spain
  • A blogger called “The Professional Hobo” describes her experiences at the Valdelavilla VaughnTown location.