Program 260b: Western Whitewater Adventures; A Readers Grand Tour; Tapas in Spain

Release Date: 07-22-2023


Find out how a camping trip down the Colorado River can be a life-altering experience. Hear about Nancy Pearl's favorite books for armchair adventures. Also, learn the protocol to order and enjoy the local specialties in Spain's tapas bars.


  • Jeffe Aronson, river guide with O.A.R.S
  • Nancy Pearl, author of "Book Lust to Go" (Sasquatch)
  • Feature essay from adventure cyclist Willie Weir
  • Madrid-based tour guides Federico Garcia Barroso and Amanda Buttinger

Additional Info

  • Jeffe Aronson is a river rafting guide for O.A.R.S.
  • Susan Osborn is the friend Jeffe mentions who wrote a song called "Bright Angel" about her experience in Grand Canyon. It's available as a free download from the "Music" link on the artist's website (scroll down to the songs from 1986).
  • Nancy Pearl recommends literature "for every mood, moment, and reason" in her "Book Lust" series. She also co-authored "The Writer's Library," in which 23 contemporary writers describe their own literary influences.
  • Willie Weir includes many of his cycling travel tales on his website.
  • Amanda Buttinger offers tours of Madrid and surrounding areas.
  • Tour guide Federico Garcia Barroso is also based in Madrid.
  • Rick includes photos in his 2013 blog entry about dining on tapas in Seville.