Program 266a: Sojourning Further; Being Human; Turkish Nomads

Release Date: 11-23-2013


A preacher, a biologist, and a granddaughter of Turkish nomads give perspectives on how people around the world are really all part of the same family whether they live in a suburban bungalow or a goat hair tent. Rick interviews Reverend Jim Wallis, "The Darwinian Tourist," and a nomadic sheep herder to discover what they've learned from their travels.


  • Rev. Jim Wallis, CEO of the non-profit organization Sojourners, and author of "Rediscovering Values:  A Guide for Economic and Moral Recovery" (Howard Books)
  • Christopher Wills, Professor of Biological Sciences and member of the Center for Molecular Genetics at the University of California San Diego, and author of "The Darwinian Tourist"  (Oxford Univ. Press)
  • Ayşegül Ünlü, tour guide from Turkey
  • Dispatch from Portugal filed by bicycle adventurer Willie Weir

Related Links

  • Jim Wallis is the Chief Executive Officer and Editor-In-Chief of the non-profit Sojourners.
  • He writes periodic blog entries in the God's Politics blog on the Sojourners website.
  • Christopher Wills is professor emeritus at the University of San Diego's Division of Biological Sciences.
  • Christopher Wills is published by Oxford University Press. His newest book is called "Green Equilibrium." The book he discusses with Rick is "The Darwinian Tourist."
  • Ayşegül Ünlü recommends the Museum of Turkish and Islamic Art, on the Hippodrome in Istanbul, for its displays on traditional societies in Turkey.
  • Willie Weir's website includes a link to his latest book of travel essays, "Travels with Willie" and his Yellow Tent Adventures blog. 

Haiku Awards

High school travel group

Four countries in six short days

Where is Taco Bell?

Karen Bray, Columbus, Indiana


Travel with adult child

No more burgers to eat

When can I stop footing the bill?

Annetta Miller, Marion, Illinois


Buckingham Palace,

Big Ben, The Tate, Shakespeare's Globe.

We mainly do pubs.

Imozelle McVeigh, Chula Vista, California