Program 270a: International Christmas Party

Release Date: 12-22-2012


Hear about holiday traditions from Wales and Hungary, Sicily and Scotland.  Learn about the unique ways people light up the season in Santa Fe — where the fragrance of piñon wood fires leaves a special impression.  Hear how scientists at a research station in Antarctica make merry.  Plus, listeners share some of their favorite Christmas memories from holiday travels.


  • Martin deLewandowicz, tour guide based in Wales
  • Travel writer Zora O'Neill, author of Moon New Mexico guidebooks
  • Alfio di Mauro and Tommaso Pante, tour guides from Sicily   
  • Ken Hanley and Ann Doig, tour guides from Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Levante Nagy and Etelka Perine Barecz, tour guides to Hungary
  • Fen Montaigne, author of "Fraser's Penguins" (Henry Holt)