Program 274: Offbeat Turkey: Historical Dives and Exploring the East; Richard Grant's Crazy Adventures In East Africa

Release Date: 01-21-2012


Guides from Turkey dive into underwater archeology along with sights of Eastern Turkey and adventure traveler Richard Grant explores East Africa in search of the fabled source of the Nile River.


  • Taylan Tashbashi, tour and dive guide based in Kemer, Turkey
  • Tankut and Lale Aran, proprietors of SRM Travel in Istanbul
  • Adventure traveler Richard Grant, author of "Crazy River: Exploration and Folly in East Africa" (Free Press/Simon and Schuster)

Program Extras

Program 274 extra - Richard Grant tells Rick what the town of Kasulu in Tanzania was like, and what language barriers he encountered in his travels in East Africa. (runs 1:30)