Program 276: Midnight In Paris; Hidden Gardens of Paris; Richard Wiese: Born to Explore

Release Date: 02-11-2012


Rick speaks with Parisians who inspire travelers to explore their city, from its relaxing parks and public spaces to late night strolls and memorable dinners. Also, Richard Wiese, one of today's most adventurous scientist-explorers, shares how his passion for exploring the natural world has taken him on research projects to the North Pole and the hottest place on earth.


  • Arnaud Servignat, tour guide based in Paris
  • Paris-based New York Times correspondent Elaine Sciolino, author of "Le Seduction: How the French Play the Game of Life"
  • Adventure traveler and scientist Richard Wiese, host of the "Born To Explore" ABC-TV show, and author of "Born To Explore"

Haiku Awards

Program 220/276 Haiku Awards

Two girls help us out,
Language barriers overcome,
Stereotypes gone. 
— Sue Tomlin, Mount Vernon, Illinois

Strolling Paris streets
Dream-like, minus the blisters
Metro tomorrow. 
— Lise in Puyallup, Washington

Night train rocks gently
Cuddled in couchette's womb
good wine sips easy

Rocketing along
Destination new unseen
Thoughts buzzing unslept

Lover close, eyes lit
Vacation is release
Far away the place. 
— Crash Brown, Santa Rosa Beach, Florida