Program 278b: The Table Comes First in France; A Taste of Portugal

Release Date: 11-22-2014


Adam Gopnik explains why "The Table Comes First in France," and how taking time to eat with joy and appreciation can make every dinnertime into an occasion at your house. Also, guides from Portugal share the highlights of their country's cuisine, from Atlantic seafood, to the hearty stews enjoyed in the mountains.


  • Adam Gopnik, author of “The Table Comes First: Family, France, and the Meaning of Food”  (Knopf)
  • Portugal-based tour guides Cristina Duarte and Maria Jose Cardoso

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Program Extras

More with Adam Gopnik - Adam Gopnik finds that, in France, speaking ill of foie gras is akin to bad-mouthing communion wafers - it's just not done. And he and Rick find an easy way to think about pairing wine with food. (runs 2:56)

More with Cristina Duarte - Rick gets a translation of what’s in the cans that Cristina Duarte brought him from Portugal -- seafood treats you can find on the grocery shelves in Portugal. (runs 2:20)