Program 280: Rewards of a Road Trip Pilgrim; Exploring Ireland 2012

Release Date: 03-17-2012


Rick discusses the rewards of being a "road trip pilgrim" with author and traveler Dan Austin, and, in the spirit of Saint Patrick's Day, Irish tour guide Stephen McPhilemy takes listener calls, offers advice on touring convivial towns and ancient sites, and updates Rick on contemporary issues in Ireland.


  • Dan Austin, author of True Fans and The Road Trip Pilgrim’s Guide, and co-founder of the 88 Bikes Foundation
  • Tour guide Stephen McPhilemy, proprietor of Paddy's Palace Hostel in Derry, Northern Ireland

Haiku Awards

Program 280 Haiku awards:

Cooley morning: mist
music mystery rise from
heartland of legends
— Kerry Dexter, Tallahassee, Florida

Standing where the high kings sat,
I look across the valley,
Skylark sings.
 — Lara Hardin, Escondido, California

It's odd that there's sun;
The traditional moist days
Were not to be had.

— G-Robin Smith, Everett, Washington