Program 282: Easter in the Holy Land; Even More Places To See Before You Die; Travels of Andrew McCarthy

Release Date: 04-07-2012


"One Thousand Places to See Before You Die" author Patricia Schultz shares new places she's included in the updated version of her book, actor and travel writer Andrew McCarthy tells Rick why he's made a second home in Ireland, and Eva Marie Everson describes dozens of sacred sites in Israel from her guidebook.


  • Eva Marie Everson, co-author "Reflections of God's Holy Land: A Personal Journey Through Israel" (Thomas Nelson)
  • Patricia Schultz, author of "1000 Places to See Before You Die (2nd edition)" (Workman Publishing)
  • Travel writer Andrew McCarthy

Program Extras

Program 282 web extra - Patricia Schultz explains to Rick how her travels have influenced her view of climate change around the world. (runs 1:37)