Program 292: Running with the Dogs; Running of the Bulls; Scandinavian Crime Fiction

Release Date: 07-07-2012


We'll hear about this year's Iditarod sled dog race across Alaska from a rookie racer, Rick's younger sister. A guide from Pamplona, Spain tells us about the big San Fermín festival they're celebrating this week, and what the running of the bulls is all about. We'll also explore the craze in crime fiction from Scandinavia, where author Steig Larsson used his novels as a way to critique Swedish society.


  • Dog mushers Jan Steves and Bob Chlupach, from Willow, Alaska
  • Francisco Glaría, tour guide from Pamplona, Spain
  • Tour guide Ylva da Silva from Stockholm, Sweden
  • Lisa Rybloom, tour guide specialist on Scandinavia