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Program 293: Stuff Parisians Like; Canal Barges of France

Release Date: 07-14-2012


It's said that the French consider people who live in Paris to be abnormal. A wine expert and TV personality from Paris joins us with tips for blending in with the quirks of stylish Parisians, and to prove that they share a sense of humor about themselves. Also, we explore our options for relaxing vacation cruises along the canals that criss cross the French countryside.


  • Olivier Magny, author of "Stuff Parisians Like" (Berkley Trade) and proprietor of Ô-Chateau winebar in Paris
  • Patrick Vidal, French tour guide, based in Brittany
  • Rebecca Barry, tour guide to France, based in Paris

Related Links

  • The website for Olivier Magny's Paris winebar is Ô-Chateau
  • The English translation of Olivier's best-selling book "Dessine-Moi un Parisien" is called "Stuff Parisians Like." He produced a short video to introduce himself to American audiences.