Program 295: Fracturing the United Kingdom; Living as a Borderless European

Release Date: 08-04-2012


The future of the United Kingdom is on the table when Scotland votes in 2014 on whether or not to form a completely independent government from the rest of Britain. Rick discusses the issues behind the push for separatism, with friends from Scotland, Wales, and England. Also, we'll hear how the European Union makes it easier for citizens to make a new life in one of the other member countries of the E-U.


  • Martin de Lewandowicz, tour guide from Wales
  • Anne Doig, tour guide based in Edinburgh
  • Roy Nicholls, tour guide from southern England
  • Tricia Brady, tour guide, born in Scotland, living in La Marche region of Italy
  • Susanna Peruccini, tour guide, born in Italy, living in Madrid 
  • Travel essay by bike adventurer Willie Weir