Program 297: Open Phones: Ask Rick; Francis Tapon Explores Eastern Europe

Release Date: 08-18-2012


Francis Tapon describes his three-year excursion into every country in the eastern half of Europe. He shares how the Balkans and the former Soviet states are the next travel frontier, where tourists don't outnumber the locals. Also, listeners check in with Rick for help in finalizing their vacation plans.


  • Francis Tapon, author of "The Hidden Europe:  What Eastern Europeans Can Teach Us"  (Wander Learn Series) 

Haiku Awards

Program 297: "Oklahoma haiku"


Fields, farmers, clean air.
In the middle of nowhere.
Natural beauty.
Denise Sharitt, Bartlesville OK


Tree casts its shadow
cattle escape from the heat
prairie oasis
Katie Arroyo, Stillwater OK


Tornados ripping trees.
Landscape changed forever. 
We survive.
Barbara Smallwood, Grand Lake O' The Cherokees OK