Program 299a: Exploring Art in Southeast Asia and Ireland; Travel Kindnesses

Release Date: 08-31-2013


Get better acquainted with Southeast Asia and Ireland through the eyes of its artists. We'll explore how understanding the stories behind paintings, and knowing the role of important architectural sites, can help frame your appreciation for anyplace you visit.


  • Julian Brown, tour guide to Southeast Asia, based in Paris
  • Barry Moloney, tour guide based in Kinsale, Ireland
  • Rozanne Stringer, art history PhD student at the University of Kansas, and tour guide to Ireland 

Related Links

  • The Angkor Archeological Site is one of the most important sites in southeast Asia.  
  • Wikipedia has information about, and links to, the Bangkok National Museum, and about the Sukhothai Kingdom archeological site in Thailand. 
  • Admission to the National Museum of Ireland is free, and includes exhibits on archeology, decorative arts and history, and natural history at three locations in Dublin.  It also features exhibits on traditional country life in Ireland at a location in County Mayo. 
  • Trinity College Dublin has information for planning a visit to view the Book of Kells.  
  • The Hugh Lane at the Dublin City Gallery has recreated the art studio of Francis Bacon. 
  • The National Gallery of Ireland in Dublin includes an online close-up view of the paintings callers discussed, "The Marriage of Aoife and Strongbow," by Daniel Maclise, and Caravaggio's painting "The Taking of Christ."  
  • Harry Clarke is known as a master stained glass craftsman and many of his works are displayed in buildings in Dublin.  His famous Geneva Window is on permanent display at the University of Florida's Wolfsonian Museum in Miami. 
  • Rozanne considers the Gallarus Oratory in County Kerry to be one of the most beautiful structures in Ireland.