Program 300: Andrew McCarthy On Location; Fred Plotkin At the Opera; Open Phones-Ask Rick

Release Date: 09-22-2012


Follow the lead of a seasoned traveler, and you'll discover new ways to make your next vacation terrific. Andrew McCarthy will share how actors on location find ways to connect with the locals, and Fred Plotkin illustrates how to plug into the excitement at some of his favorite opera venues in Europe. Also, Rick helps listeners planning trips to Barcelona and Paris.


  • Actor/director and travel writer Andrew McCarthy, co-editor of "Lights, Camera, Travel" (Lonely Planet) and author of "The Longest Way Home" (Free Press)
  • Fred Plotkin, author of "Opera 101:  A Complete Guide to Learning and Loving Opera" (Hyperion)

Haiku Awards

            Matsuyama castle  

            Highlighted by rising sun

            Early morning jog

                        Alissa Gerasimenko, in Matsuyama, Japan


            We came to Japan

            Brought summer sunshine with us

            It’s all used up now

                        Richard Elsley, Thousand Oaks, California


            Rain in Tokyo

            Umbrellas bobbing to pass

            Faces there, then gone!

                        Mike Kleer, Vashon Island, Washington 


            Went to Tokyo once

            Lived off beer vending machines

            Got lost on subway

                        Matt Miller, Spokane, Washington