Program 311: The Netherlands, Inside Out; Samantha Brown's Travels; Insider Fun in Europe

Release Date: 01-05-2013


Journalist Jonathan Groubert explains what a recent change of government means for the Netherlands.  And Travel Channel host Samantha Brown chats about her latest projects.  Plus, listeners tell us fun ways they get to feel like one of the locals in Europe. 


  • Jonathan Groubert, journalist based in The Netherlands, former host of the Radio Netherlands Worldwide program “The State We’re In"
  • TV travel host Samantha Brown 

Program Extras

More with Jonathan Groubert - Jonathan Groubert talks about the impact of global warming on a country where much of the land is below sea level. Jonathan and Rick also discusses whether the American system or the European parliamentary system of government works better. (runs 3:26)

Samantha Brown - Samantha Brown describes her new TV projects that air this month, and in March, on the Travel Channel. And Rick and Samantha talk to James from Virginia Beach about his upcoming first-time trip to China, and a vivid memory from a trip he took to Istanbul. (runs 4:25)