Program 311: The Netherlands, Inside Out; Samantha Brown's Travels; Insider Fun in Europe

Release Date: 01-05-2013

On Air Description

On this week's Travel with Rick Steves, we get an inside look at how politics operates in the Netherlands. . . and at how travel TV hosts make having fun overseas look so easy.

Journalist Jonathan Groubert   (grew-BEAR)   explains what a recent change of government means for the Netherlands.  And Travel Channel host Samantha Brown chats about her latest projects.  Plus, listeners tell us fun ways they get to feel like one of the locals in Europe. 

Get to know the world from the inside out each week on Travel with Rick Steves.


  • Jonathan Groubert, journalist based in The Netherlands, former host of the Radio Netherlands Worldwide program “The State We’re In"
  • TV travel host Samantha Brown 

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  • "Did you meet the twins' father during your adventures? Are you going to continue your traveling once you have children?" (Margo in Redmond, Oregon)
  • "I am a big soccer fan and watch the European Leagues with my son. I went to London to see West Ham United. The bad reputation of English soccer fans is overblown. I sat in a 'supporters' section and the people there could not have been more friendly, explaining the subtleties of the game to an appreciative Yank. There is nothing like singing 'Olé Olé Olé' with 55,000 fans at Old Trafford. And, the ticket costs are not any higher than a night at the theater or a good pub crawl." (Randy in San Jose, California)
  • Caller describes designing floats for February Carnival in Nice, France. (Chad in Portland, Oregon)

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Dated References

  • In the opening billboard, Rick says that the model of the European Union "appears to be working as intended," and refers to recent elections in the Netherlands that are steering the country "on a more centrist course."
  • In the intro to segment A, Rick says Jonathan Groubert has been living in the Netherlands for more than 20 years and, until recently, hosted "The State We're In" for Radio Netherlands.
  • Throughout the segment A interview, Groubert describes specific political changes in the Netherlands from September 2012, and the fiscal austerity issues the nation is struggling with.  At 9:39, he explains how most parlimentary governments operate in Europe.  Starting around 12:02, Rick and Jonathan discuss problems with Greece and Portugal joining the Euro, and whether or not demographic issues are impacting the economies of Europe.
  • Starting at 16:32, Rick asks Jonathan about changing marijuana regulations in the Netherlands.
  • At 28:17, Samantha describes her new show "Trip Of A Lifetime."
  • Rick mentions Hillary Clinton at 30:51 as Secretary of State.
  • Rick and Samantha talk about her pregnancy in the open to segment C. She says she's expecting twins soon, and plans to take them on her travels.
  • At 45:51, Rick notes that Samantha's special, "Trip Of A Lifetime," premiers on Wednesday, January 30 on the Travel Channel.
  • Caller Randy says at 46:53 that he's planning to go to London "this year coming up" to attend soccer matches.
  • Caller Chad tells us at 53:06 thats he's been designing floats for the Nice Carnaval parade, since it's been opened up to cartoonists, and later notes that he's won an award for his designs six times. Rick describes at 56:10 how Nice has installed a new city tram system.
  • Rick says that the Chagall House of Art in Nice is one of his favorites in Europe, at 58:05.

Program Extras

Jonathan Groubert -

Samantha Brown -

Additional Info

Program Extras:

Jonathan Groubert - Jonathan Groubert talks about the impact of global warming on a country where much of the land is below sea level. Jonathan and Rick also discusses whether the American system or the European parliamentary system of government works better. (runs 3:26)

Samantha Brown - Samantha Brown describes her new TV projects that air this month, and in March, on the Travel Channel. And Rick and Samantha talk to James from Virginia Beach about his upcoming first-time trip to China, and a vivid memory from a trip he took to Istanbul.  (runs 4:25)