Program 319: European Rail; American Comfort Food; Open Phones: More Travel Reports

Release Date: 03-23-2013


An expert who advises American travelers on how to best use the passenger rail lines in Europe offers tips for when rail passes are a bargain, and how they work. Also, Jane and Michael Stern discuss trends in hometown "comfort food" restaurants in America, including a few eateries where the local atmosphere made their day. Also, listeners check in with travel reports on what made their trips extra-special when they visited France, Spain, Poland, and Italy.


  • Alan Wissenberg, proprietor of Euraide rail info services at the Munich and Berlin train stations
  • Jane Stern and Michael Stern, authors of "Road Food"

Program Extras

Pgm 318 Railroad Tips extra - Rick and Alan Wissenberg talk about recent changes to make passenger rail service more efficient in Europe, with a new "pass-through" station recently opened in Berlin, and new central train stations planned for Vienna by 2014, and for Stuttgart in another ten years. (runs 2:35)

Pgm 319 Road Food extra - Rick asks Jane and Michael Stern to compare the "time-warp" places they enjoy eating at, with new road food restaurant finds that still have "soul." (runs 2:23)