Program 320: Jeff Greenwald's Nepal; Visiting St Peter's Basilica

Release Date: 03-30-2013


Travel writer Jeff Greenwald makes a point to return to Nepal every year and describes how long-held customs are challenged by modern pressures and political turmoil. He also points out what’s timeless about the Himalayan culture that draws him back year after year. Also, we take a close-up look at Saint Peter's Basilica in Rome to understand what went into making it the most impressive church in the world with tips for making it a high point of your life's travels.


  • Travel writer Jeff Greenwald, executive director of Ethical Traveler, and author of Snake Lake (published by Counterpoint)
  • Gene Openshaw, co-author of Rick Steves' art history book "Europe 101"
  • Francesca Caruso, licensed tour guide based in Rome, Italy

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  • Gene Openshaw has developed a chart of Renaissance notables in "the Class of 1500."

Program Extras

Program 320 extra - Rick and Gene Openshaw discuss how the artistic beauty of St. Peter’s Basilica reflects the values of the Renaissance in the early 1500s, when many great artists were all working in Rome. They note how you can see this in Rafael's painting, "The School of Athens." (runs 1:13)