Program 321: Ask Rick; A Heart for Street Art; Urban Explorers

Release Date: 04-06-2013


Moses Gates is an urban explorer who tells us why his favorite part of Paris is underground, and how he gets to enjoy his favorite view of the Manhattan skyline from the top of the Brooklyn Bridge. Street artist, Nicolina, brings color and panache to people around the world. Also, soon-to-be travelers ask Rick for advice on upcoming trips to Europe.


  • Nicolina Johnson, aka 'Nicolina," artist and founder of The Free Art Society and proprietor of "Paint the Town" in New York City
  • Moses Gates, New York City tour guide and author of "Hidden Cities: A Memoir of Urban Exploration" (Tarcher-Penguin)

Related Links

  • Nicolina's website includes photos from her flutuarte project painting fishing boats in Rio de Janiero, and from her Hearts of the World and Free Art Society projects.
  • Nicolina often uses the Couchsurfing website to find welcoming out-of-town accommodations.
  • Wikipedia includes an entry for "cataphiles" about the "unofficial" parts of the catacombs of Paris, which includes several links for further information in French.

Program Extras

Pgm 321 extra - Moses Gates tells Rick why he thinks New York City should explore officially-sanctioned bridge climbs, like they do in Sydney, and how his intentions to do less "urban exploring" as he gets older don't seem to be panning out. (runs 2:09)