Program 321a: Ask Rick; A Heart for Street Art; Urban Explorers

Release Date: 02-22-2014


Meet an urban explorer who tells us why his favorite part of Paris is underground, and how he gets to enjoy a view of the Manhattan skyline from the top of the Brooklyn Bridge. We'll also hear how a street artist brings color and panache to people around the world. Also, soon-to-be travelers ask Rick for advice on upcoming trips to Europe.


  • Nicolina Johnson, aka "Nicolina," artist and founder of The Free Art Society and proprietor of "Paint the Town" in New York City
  • Moses Gates, NYC tour guide and author of "Hidden Cities:  A Memoir of Urban Exploration"  (Tarcher-Penguin)

Related Links

  • Nicolina's website includes photos from her Flutuarte project painting fishing boats in Rio de Janiero, and from her Hearts of the World and Free Art Society projects.
  • Nicolina often uses the Couchsurfing website to find welcoming and free out-of-town accommodations.
  • The development company that purchased the abandoned "palace" that Moses Gates mentions at 5 Beekman Street in New York City's Financial District plans to renovate the building and turn it into a luxury hotel.  It had a Facebook page when enthusiasts were able to access the building for "unofficial" events. 
  • Wikipedia includes an entry for "cataphiles" about the unofficial parts of the catacombs of Paris, which includes several links for further information in French.

Program Extras

More with Moses Gates - Moses Gates tells Rick why he thinks New York City should explore officially-sanctioned bridge climbs, like they do in Sydney, and how his intentions to do less "urban exploring" as he gets older don't seem to be panning out. (runs 3:05)