Program 322a: Stones of England; Stockholm Al Fresco, The Finnish Sauna

Release Date: 09-27-2014


A guide shows us how to enjoy the Swedish capital al fresco, where the locals make it a priority to get outdoors, any time of year. We'll also explore the mysteries of the ancient stone circles and prehistoric monuments of England.  And we'll hear how taking a sauna is an important part of life in Finland.


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Program Extras

Pgm 322 extra — England - Caller Cindy from Tennessee asks if tourists can volunteer to participate in archaeological excavations in Britain. Mark Seymour notes there are an estimated 800 to 1300 stone sites that have been identified so far in Britain. (runs 1:17)

Pgm 322 extra — Sweden - Åsa Danielsson takes pride in Sweden’s surprisingly influential pop music industry. (runs :43)