Program 323: Palestine Tourism; No Opportunity Wasted

Release Date: 04-27-2013


Rick learns about tourism in the Palestinian Territories on the West Bank of the Jordan. Also, the host of The Amazing Race, Phil Keoghan, describes how a near-death experience at age 19 convinced him to make his travel fantasies come true. He tells us how leaving "No Opportunity Wasted" can add a lot of memorable adventures to your life.


  • Pamela Olson, author of "Fast Times in Palestine" (Seal Press)
  • CBS-TV "Amazing Race" host Phil Keoghan, author of "No Opportunity Wasted" (Rodale Books)

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Program Extras

Program 323 Extra - Caller Scott from Reno, Nevada asks Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan about his most memorable experiences bike touring. Phil describes a cross-country bike trip to raise money for the Multiple Sclorosis Society, and how his film, "The Ride," is still raising funds for MS research. Phil also tells us about his plan for this summer to retrace an historical Tour de France route of a litte-known New Zealand cyclist who participated in the race in 1928. (runs 8:17)