Program 325b: Desert Wisdom of Terry Tempest Williams; Sahara by Motorbike

Release Date: 05-11-2019


Naturalist Terry Tempest Williams reflects on a mystery left behind by her late mother, and explains her drive to speak out on behalf of the rugged Utah wilderness she calls home. Then a tour guide from Italy describes how he likes to get away from it all: on a motorbike across the vast Sahara desert.


  • Naturalist Terry Tempest Williams, author of When Women Were Birds (Picador)
  • Riccardo Panareo, tour guide based in Gradara, Italy 

Additional Info

  • Terry Tempest Williams' website has information on her latest books and articles.
  • Terry says she has relied on the "Peterson Field Guide to Western Birds" since her grandmother introduced her to it as a guide to the outdoors in Utah.
  • The Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance has information about the proposed Red Rocks Wilderness Act.
  • Terry mentions Wild Earth Guardians as one of the organizations trying to protect endangered species, such as prairie dogs in Utah.
  • Riccardo Panareo and his wife Sabine Jacobs have contact information for personalized tours on their website.
  • Riccardo writes about his town in Italy on his archived Piano-Piano website.
  • Riccardo posts travel tips for Europe on the Grand European Tours website.