Program 327: Fun in Europe: Street Markets in Paris, Beer in Belgium, Caves in Slovenia

Release Date: 06-01-2013

On Air Description

It's a close up look at some of the fun things to enjoy in Europe this week on Travel with Rick Steves. 

We start with a guide to the street markets of Paris, where souvenir shopping can be a destination in itself.  Then hear how the beer in Belgium is so good, it's worth a special trip.  And learn about the mysteries and history you can find in the caves of Slovenia.

Indulge yourself, from taverns to caverns, to the street vendors of Paris, on this week's Travel with Rick Steves. 


  • Marjorie R. Williams, co-author of "Markets of Paris" (The Little Bookroom).
  • Stu Stuart, tour guide to Belgium and Germany beer venues
  • Barbara Jakopiç, tour guide based in Slovenia

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  • Taking 15 year-old daughter to Paris. "Can you give me some suggestions for fabulous market walking experiences for a 15 year-old in Paris?" (Patricia in Coral Springs, Florida)
  • Caller is leaving soon for a tour of Belgium. "I'm not typically a beer drinker. Can you suggest a few good flavors or types to awaken my fledgling taste buds?" (Ellie in Los Angeles)
  • When visiting Brussels, "found myself in the middle of the most fun festival on the most beautiful square of the world. It was the annual Beer Festival on the Grand Place of Brussels!  Don't miss it if you are around: 51 breweries, 350 beers from small and big breweries, and nearby a beer and food festival. The beers are very reasonable and everyone is having a good time!"  (Chantal in Houston, Texas)
  • "How did you fall in love with Belgian beer and Belgium? Like in any relationship, after so many visits, how do you keep the relationship so fresh and passionate?"  (e-mail from Larry in Tulsa, Oklahoma)
  • "If you only have time for one cave, Postojna or Skocjan, which do you pick?  My wife and I were just in Slovenia and I think we made the right choice for us, given the type of travelers we are."  (Jeff in Nashville, Tennessee)
  • "While stationed in Italy, I took my daughters to the caves in Slovenia. They loved the story about the 'baby dragon' giant albino salamanders."  (Brad in Toano, Virginia) 
  • "Our family of three visited Eastern Europe this past summer and went to two of the caves of Slovenia, specifically to see the "human fish." Our 8-year old daughter was thrilled to finally see it.  It was the highlight of her trip. The caves are magnificent."  (e-mail from Alicia in Fairhope, Alabama)
  • "My most cherished memory of underground Slovenia was not the caves but the subterranean wine cellars!  We got to experience the Slovene tradition of homemade wine, prsut, salami and of course, the schnapps, while gathered around a friend of a friends' table in his home wine cellar. Slow food before it was fashionable. What a way to live!"  (e-mail from Mike in Bar Harbor, Maine)

Incidental Music

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  • * Cy Coleman, "Parisian Women," A Bachelor in Paris: Ultra Lounge 10 (collection) / Capitol
  • Sonny Rollins, "St. Thomas," The Best of Sonny Rollins (remastered) / Milestone (note: it was a Belgian, Adolphe Sax, who invented the saxophone in the 1840s)
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Dated References

  • Caller Chantal describes a beer festival on the Grand-Place in Brussels, "held the first weekend of September," at 27:45.

Haiku Awards

Wood cellar barrels

Hold newly fermented beer.

A cold Pilsner awaits.

— Matt Harmon, Charleston, West Virginia


Our inhibitions,

Challenged by the artist's plea,

To perceive anew.

— Bill Loy, Montgomery Village, Maryland


Moon over Notre Dame

Jazz on bridge to Ile St Louis

A Paris party.

— Barbara Waxman, Seattle, Washington


one day not enough

i will go back again

one life not enough.

— Jason Boyd, Greenville, North Carolina

Program Extras

Pgm 327 Extra - Rick and Marjorie R. Williams, author of the guidebook "Markets of Paris," describe the outdoor market and café scene along the rue Montorgueil. (runs 1:14)