Program 332a: Regions of France; Châteaux Country; Ancient Stones of Brittany

Release Date: 01-24-2015


Join us as we take a look at regional highlights beyond Paris, such as the vineyards and mansions of the Loire Valley. We'll also learn about the weathered prehistoric stone formations on the hillsides of Brittany and how they link us to France’s mysterious past.


  • Virginie Moré, tour guide based in Brittany, France
  • Danielle Farineau, tour guide based in the Loir Valley, France
  • Mark Seymour, tour guide based in Brittany, France

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Haiku Awards

Sweet burgundy pearl
Humble onion so sublime
Only in Provence
— Jessica Baen, New York City  


Pamukkale pools
Cotton castle ancient cliffs
Soft blue goddess gifts
— Vanessa Zimmer-Powell, Houston TX 


Heaven's canopy
Beneath boughs of oak and pine
The soil tinted green
— Brian Alcorn, Thousand Oaks CA, describing California's Big Sur


"We've arrived," she spoke
Softly in my tired ears,
"It's time to explore!"
— Alan Powell, Nashville TN

Program Extras

More with Virgine Moré - Virginie Moré tells us how the people of Brittany arranged it so that France could never impose tolls on that region's highways. Also, listener Jane from New Orleans notes the cultural contrasts within the regions of France, such as what she observed in the Dordogne, and Virginie explains how that also holds true in her home region, Brittany. (runs 2:47)

More with Danielle Farineau - Danielle Farineau and Rick discuss how the French system of "gites" accommodations works for renting accommodations in the French countryside. (runs 1:34)