Program 336: Waters of Rome; Ferenc Mate at Sea; Outdoor France

Release Date: 08-24-2013


The waters of Rome can provide you with a refreshing way to explore the ancient capitol of the world. Hear how sailing the dangerous waters around Canada's Vancouver Island sets the scene for the first of the Dugger mystery novels from Ferenc Máté. Also, we explore getting some serious fresh air and exercise, in the great outdoors of France.


  • Francesca Caruso, tour guide based in Rome
  • Gene Openshaw, co-author of Rick Steves' "Europe 101" art history book
  • Ferenc Máté, vintner and author of the novels "Sea of Lost Dreams" (W. W. Norton) and "Ghost Sea" (Penguin)   
  • Virginie Moré, tour guide based in Brittany, France

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Anguilla Haiku Awards

sugar in water

to tempt you sweet little bird

you capture our hearts


minnow scatter like

confetti as the houndfish

glistens on the scene


all strut and bustle

jaunty plumed tail, cockscomb crown

this lot. your kingdom


frigate bird flying

above, elegant. Below

soaring sting ray sails


I always seek you

broad-shouldered, bright-belted knight

of the starry sky."

— Christine Kouwenhoven,  Baltimore

Program Extras

Program 336 Extra #1 - One more thought about the waters of Rome from Gene Openshaw, who suggests that the Trevi Fountain demonstrates how the modern infrastructure of Rome is based on its ancient water lines. And Francesca Caruso describes Rome's distinctive public drinking fountains. (runs 2:42)

Program 336 Extra #2 - Ferenc Máté describes a little about the main characters in his series of "Dugger/Nello" mystery novels, which are historical adventures where the sea plays a prime role. (runs 1:28)