Program 337: Plight of Indigenous Peoples; Beauty in a Broken World; Ever-Evolving Berlin

Release Date: 09-07-2013


Hear how Terry Tempest Williams found beauty in a broken world in Italy and where you'd least expect it, in Rwanda. Phil Borges tells us what he's learned from photographing indigenous people around the world. Also, Peter Wortsman returns with insights into why he loves the ever-evolving nature of Germany's capital city, Berlin.


  • Photographer Phil Borges, author of "Tibet: Culture on the Edge" (Rizzoli)
  • Author and naturalist Terry Tempest Williams, author of "Beauty in a Broken World" (Pantheon Books) and "When Women Were Birds" (Picador)
  • Playwright Peter Wortsman, author of "Ghost Dance in Berlin" (Travelers Tales)

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Program Extras

Program 337 Extra #1 - Caller Sally from Pennsylvania asks Phil Borges about the impact of climate change on indigenous people in Tibet. (runs 2:44)

Program 337 Extra #2 - Rick and Terry Tempest Williams share thoughts about how time is valued in different societies, and Terry tells Rick what she loves about traveling, and about spending time alone. (runs 4:47)