Program 339a: Mexico Road Trips; 21st-Century Women in Italy; Open Phones

Release Date: 03-21-2015


Get tips for exploring Mexico at your own pace as the experts behind “The People's Guide to Mexico” offer tips for enjoying an independent road trip. Then hear about the frustrations many Italian women face when fighting against some very deep-rooted gender stereotypes, and listen in as listeners share their travel tales from Sicily.  


  • Carl Franz and Lorena Havens, authors of The People's Guide to Mexico  (Avalon Travel)
  • Francesca Caruso, tour guide based in Rome
  • Nina Bernardo, tour guide based in Rome
  • Lisa Anderson, tour guide based in the Piemonte region of Italy
  • Outtake from Alfio Di Mauro, tour guide based in Sicily (from Sept. 2012 funder)

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Program Extras

More with Carl Franz - Carl Franz recalls an early experience trying to speak Spanish to a policeman in Mexico. Plus Rick and the authors of The People's Guide to Mexico recall the speed bumps on the roads in the Yucatan. (runs 2:09)

More with Nina, Lisa, and Francesca - Nina Bernarndo, Lisa Anderson, and Francesca Caruso contrast the legal issues of getting divorced in Italy versus in the USA, and look at the scenario behind the latest statistics on Italy's low birth rate. (runs 3:06)