Program 342: Rome After Dark; Underground NYC

Release Date: 10-26-2013


When in Rome, one of the timeless ways to enjoy the city is people-watching and enjoying the night air in one of the city's picturesque public squares. Find out how to experience a more intimate side of Rome, after dark. A guide to New York City tells us about the un-touristy corners of his city where you can get in touch with New York's forgotten history and explore the city's multicultural character.


  • Francesca Caruso, tour guide based in Rome
  • Gene Openshaw, art and history specialist, co-author of "Rick Steves' Europe 101"
  • Moses Gates, NYC tour guide and author of "Hidden Cities:  A Memoir of Urban Exploration"  (Tarcher-Penguin)

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Program Extras

Program 342 Extra - Caller Bob from Huntley, Illinois describes taxi rides he had to and from the Rome airport that made him think twice. (runs 3:58)