Program 343a: Destination Space Station; Open Phones: Trip of a Lifetime

Release Date: 04-29-2017


Genuinely "down to earth" astronaut Cady Coleman joins us to describe what it's like living and working — for months at a time — on the International Space Station, where the zero-gravity environment affects everything you do...and how circling planet Earth every 90 minutes changes your outlook on life. Plus, listeners share tales of their own unforgettable treks and travels back on mother Earth.


  • NASA astronaut Cady Coleman

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More with Cady Coleman - Astronaut Cady Coleman tells Rick how the astronauts on the International Space Station interact with the public via the internet. Her twitter handle is @Astro_Cady. She also tells us how you can spot the ISS in the night sky, with the help of the ISS sightings chart on the NASA website. And Cady explains how the astronauts use water on the Space Station. (runs 5:10)