Program 345a: Italy's Decadent Desserts; Pasta Respect; Paris Food Markets

Release Date: 05-20-2017


Italian-food expert Fred Plotkin delves into the regional dessert specialties of Italy — and divulges the whereabouts of the best gelato in the entire country. Then a tour guide from Sicily advises us how not to upset the "food police" when eating pasta. Plus, we'll get an overview of Paris's enticing array of open-air neighborhood food markets.


  • Fred Plotkin, author of “Italy for the Gourmet Traveler”   (Kyle Cathie Ltd. Publishers)
  • Tour guide Alfio Di Mauro, based in Sicily
  • Marjorie R. Williams. co-author of "Markets of Paris (second edition)" (The Little Bookroom)

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Haiku Awards

Stuck in Marrakesh
Open the unknown tangine
Eat uncertainty.
— Diana Turner, New Orleans


Red volcanic rocks
Heat ham and cheese sandwiches,
Snowy crater shines
— Matt Harmon, Charleston, West Virginia


A jumble of arms
At a circular table.
Grandma wants the head!

Beyond the surface,
See what we long to see - our
Own moveable feast.
 Jenny Bright, Greenville, Wisconsin