Program 347: More Loire Valley Chateau Country; Exploring Brittany; Notorious Royal Marriages

Release Date: 12-13-2013


In the Loire Valley in central France, dozens of historic estates are ready to impress you with everything from elaborate gardens and architecture to authentic displays of medieval hunting and defense techniques. Plus, two guides recommend the sites in Brittany where even the rocks can show you a good time. Also, Leslie Carroll digs up juicy backstories on Europe's ruling families, and their "notorious royal marriages."


  • French tour guide Danielle Farineau 
  • Virginie Moré and Mark Seymour, tour guides based in Brittany
  • Leslie Carroll, author of "Notorious Royal Marriages"  and other titles about historical royalty  (NAL Trade)

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Program Extras

Program 347 Extra - Rick lists some of the most distinctive chateaux you can visit in the Loire Valley.