Program 352: Curry Nation; Java Trekker; Open Phones

Release Date: 01-18-2014


The stereotype of bland food in Britain is changing. Actress and cookbook author Madhur Jaffrey tells us how Britain has become a "Curry Nation." Also, the owner of a fair trade coffee company explains the workings of the coffee industry, from the perspective of the growers.


  • Actress Madhur Jaffrey, author of "Madhur Jaffrey's Curry Nation" (Ebury Press) and "At Home with Madhur Jaffrey"  (Knopf)
  • Dean Cycon, proprietor of Deans Beans and author of "Java Trekker"  (Chelsea Green Publishing)

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Program Extras

Program 352 Extra 1 - Actress Madhur Jaffrey is also known for her many helpful cookbooks for Indian food. She tells Rick why mustard seeds are like a "Jeckyll and Hyde" of spices. (runs 1:29)

Program 352 Extra 2 - Dean Cycon, author of Java Trekker, explains what the process is for certifying a coffee grower's operation as "organic," and why that makes for a more flavorful coffee, and what "fair trade" practices means for people in coffee growing countries. (runs 4:23)