Program 353: Telling the Stories of the Monuments Men; Doc Martin in Cornwall

Release Date: 02-01-2014


The heroic efforts of Allied troops known as The Monuments Men are about to be depicted in a major motion picture. Hear how the film's co-author and producer was inspired to tell their story, and how the effort to recover important works of art stolen by the Nazis in World War Two continues today as a work in progress. Plus, the star of the Doc Martin TV series tells us what it's like to film the show in a fishing village on the coast of Cornwall.


  • Grant Heslov, co-writer and producer of "The Monument Men" (Sony Pictures)
  • Robert Edsel, founder of the Monuments Men Foundation, author of "Saving Italy" (Norton) and "The Monuments Men" (Center Street)
  • Actor Martin Clunes, co-producer and star of the "Doc Martin" TV series

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  • Sony Pictures has an interactive website for The Monuments Men movie, which includes the official movie trailer.
  • The Monuments Men website includes a "newsreel" style video clip from the movie, and links to Robert Edsel's books on the topic.
  • The search for hidden, lost, and stolen art from the World War Two era is continuing.  You can report a tip on objects that you suspect may have been taken.  The Monuments Men Foundation has set up a toll-free phone line at 1-866-WWII-ART (1-866-994-4278).
  • Smithsonian magazine features historical information about the Monuments Men.
  • The website for the Haus Der Kunst in Munich. 
  • There are five major museums on "Museum Island" in Berlin.
  • Wikipedia has historical information about the 1944 Battle of Monte Cassino in Italy, and on the recently discovered missing art, found walled up in a house in Munich.  The works are discussed in a November 2013 article in Germany's Der Spiegel magazine.
  • Series Six of "Doc Martin" consists of eight episodes, and is scheduled to begin airing the weekend of February 1, 2014 on public television stations around the United States, and is distributed by American Public Television.
  • DVDs of the entire Doc Martin series are available from Acorn Media. 
  • The Cornwall town of Port Isaac is the location of "Portwenn" in Doc Martin, while the school scenes are filmed in nearby Delabole, a village famous for its grey slate roofs.

Program Extras

More with Martin Clunes - Martin Clunes tells Rick about the international versions that are being made of Doc Martin, and how they differ from the original. (runs 2:38)